More outgoing postcards

I’m aware that my blog is currently postcards and other post, but I’m blaming fairly recent surgery and very recent flu for a general lack of energy for doing much else. There’s a few sewing projects near completion, and some nice photos and scrapbooking to share sometime – as usual maybe next weekend!

So more postcards. I’ve been trying out Postcards United after seeing a few posts about it, not had any back yet but there should be some due…

The vintage railway poster is going to a new postcard pal in Hong Kong / Meditating Malcolm the cat is off to Germany as my 3rd September postcard diary (note the monkey arm curling round, more on that at the end) / the macaroons are going to Norway to someone who likes food, and I don’t have a lot of food cards that aren’t cake or ice-cream! / my last Derbyshire Life magazine card is off to Macau / the shaped owl card is going to Malaysia to a recipient who likes shaped cards and owls.

And the stamps! because I’ve acquired some nice ones recently.

Recent issue Great Fire of London stamp, monkey animail – his arm curls around the card as he hangs! There’s even a line to show where to fold the stamp! And there’s a koala and a bat and a snake holding a book! And I’m much too excited about these🙂

And finally the UK’s most boring stamp because I came across a weird request – “I collect Automatenmarken(ATM) – {automatic stamp, variable value stamp, machine vending stamp, postage labels, electronical stamp…” Is this what she meant? Or have a sent someone a boring stamp when they could have had an orangutan?!

2 note-cards and a note swap

So, the swap called for 2 blank note cards and a note, little and easy – fits in the restrictive Royal Mail letter size, and I have so many note cards I should just send them never mind swapping them for different ones!

Sent to USA:

3 note cards just to be sure I sent something the recipient liked, sent in an ‘East of India’ paper bag with some star confetti. And a note, which I interpreted as more than the usual I hope you like this swap/ are having a good day type of thing, so I wrote a short letter about whatever random things came to mind. The recipient mentioned a specific thank you for the note so I think it was worth the effort, but I didn’t get the same back.

Received from Singapore:

A couple of pretty note cards, a map postcard or bookmark, and the little note (top right). I suppose I was hoping for more somehow, maybe my excitement to receive from anywhere but USA at the moment built it up too much🙂 but they’ll get sent or swapped onwards – butterflies seems to be a reoccurring like at the moment. And I really should write more of my letters using my note card stash!

Leonardo exhibition (or, I wish I could draw like that)

Me: *buys Leonardo da Vinci exhibition book, postcards and toy*

Cashier: I’m guessing you liked the exhibition?

Yes, I very much enjoyed the exhibition🙂 I saw the Leonardo exhibition in London a couple of years ago so I already knew how amazing his work is, and now there’s 10 Leonardo sketches from the Royal Collection on display at Nottingham castle. It’s a beautiful selection, mainly pages from his sketchbooks – trials for portraits, anatomical notes, and a page of cat studies, as well as a detailed map and diagrams for casting bronze. The 500 year old pages provide a fascinating snapshot of a genius, but it also humanises Leonardo to know that he too used both sides of the page and took 3 attempts to get something right. It’s interesting too because I tend to think of da Vinci as an artist, but the drawings show evidence of a keen anatomist and man who often worked as an engineer, and nearly wrote several studies on plants and the body. They would have been great to read, he was very nearly right about a lot of his studies but the evidence was all buried in drawings and mirror writing…

The exhibition is on until 9th October, more information here.

Received card – go tell it on the mountain

OK, one of them is just a very big cliff, but my received cards for the last 2 days definitely have a theme!

The cliffs are from my September partner in the Diary Round Robin and are apparently part of the chalk coast on the island of Rügen, Germany. Top right is from Wurzburg, Germany, but the mountains unfortunately aren’t named. And the final card is of the High Tatras in Slovakia, it looks like an amazing hotel in the snowy forest🙂

None of this is really helping today with the desperate urge to get out/ get away/  give up for a while… I get emotional when I’m tired so I’m off for an early night – maybe I’ll dream of treking somewhere, one day I’d like to be fit enough to properly go hiking…

The reactivation collection

I’ve had my Postcrossing account on inactive since mid-May, with holidays, medical procedures and a house move it’s been best to keep the cards owing. I maxed out my account a couple of times and ended up with I think twenty five ish cards owing…so here’s the 22 I’ve received in the last couple of weeks🙂
For ease of viewing I have created subsets in my collection:

The German collection

The largest country subset of my recently received cards, they’ve varied in travel time from a few days to several weeks – one after 2 weeks travel just said greetings from Germany so it feels like there was little effort involved, but others have lovely long messages that show they really read my profile. It’s great to have that connection🙂 The sender of the beautiful ocean scene just celebrated his first Postcrossing birthday, and the sender of the yellow quote card shares my birthday! I like the quote cards too, it’s like an extra message in the design🙂

The European collection

A varied set from elsewhere in Europe. From top left and going across in rows: 2 cards from Finland, Paris from Czech Republic and Latvia, a lovely sunset over the Black Sea from Bulgaria, France (with cute donkey), Portugal with poetic quote, a great folded card from the Netherlands, a beautiful view from Lithuania, and Czech Republic chocolate🙂

The rest of the world collection

Even more cards! From top left: Jebbett Farm in New York State USA owned by the neighbours of the sender, a weird but cute bear creature from Taiwan, a beautiful nebula under a city from Ukraine, angels and a classic but great view of Saint Basil’s cathedral from Russia, Mount Fuji from Japan, and some sort of inflatable soldiers from Taiwan.

The blue bear from Taiwan is an interesting card – the sender wrote that she forgot to send it a year ago then left home for a while. By the time I tried to register the card, the ID had expired. I messaged a Postcrosser who I thought was the sender and unfortunately her reply made very little sense! I don’t think I’d even remember about an unsent card a year later…

Some favourites among the many stamps:

And fascinatingly from Germany, Lithuania and Czech Republic…

Now I need to send some more cards!

Thoughts and plans

I have come to the realisation that my life is fairly boring and very ordinary. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing – I now have a nice apartment, a well paying office job, some good friends and I’m working on the social life, and I few hobbies I enjoy. But I also have a desperate urge to travel and get out there.

I’ve possibly been reading too many travel blogs but the vague idea to book cheap flights to Bergamo is now a sketched out and budgeted 5 city trip across northern Italy. Not that I really have the time or money, or it’s something I’ve ever considered before. I have a list of big trips (Iceland, southern Germany/Switzerland by train, the Norwegian coast by ferry, back to Japan…) that are expensive enough without going all out on a passing urge for a city break. I think my main problem this week is that after nearly 4 weeks medical leave I’m tired and not used to working. I also have no plans for the entire rest of this year beyond 2 trips to the theatre, which is slightly depressing and leaves a big void for the imagination to fill – and I have a good imagination!

I’m sure plenty of little things will happen to fill the gap, but I won’t stop dreaming yet🙂

Anyway, here’s the plan (squashed up against my work notes) that probably won’t happen: