High Peak Trail

7 miles/ 11 km White Peak District

Today I got up and went walking. As you might be able to tell from the photos, the sunshine has been replaced by dark clouds and strong winds. I enjoyed being out and about, but when the wind is strong enough to blow people sideways across the path, perhaps a short, sheltered walk is the best option…

DSC08016 DSC08007

We were mainly walking along the High Peak Trail and the Tuffington Trail, disused railway lines turned into paths – nice and flat for easy walking 🙂 The views weren’t great due to the walls and cuttings of the old railway, but after a few years working in a railway environment I found myself fascinated to spot the old railway infrastructure – mile posts; rusted signals; boundary posts of the old London and North Western Railway; and an old signal box at Hartington, now a small exhibition and ice cream shop. I was very disappointed that we couldn’t pull the signal levers!

DSC08030 DSC08029
DSC08028 DSC08023

Overall, a chance to get out, get walking and explore a new area. It’s a popular cycling route, maybe that could be another adventure…


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