Wheel of Nottingham scrapbook page

I’m already behind on my scrapbooking for this year, but I was in the right mood tonight…

Journalling reads:

the wheel was erected in market square just for the month, and it was great to see a completely different view of the city

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The last minute holiday plan continues

Featured imageI’m sure I could have bought 5 guide books for anywhere else in the world, but I managed to find a small book with a few pages on Carcassonne. I’d have thought as France’s 3rd most popular visitor destination there’d be a bit more information… I could have spent a fortune in Waterstones. The Nottingham branch is huge, but unfortunately my bookshelves aren’t!

Postcard from Taiwan

I agreed to swap postcards with Hsu Ju in Taiwan, and the card I received is just as amazing as I hoped! It always amazes me that someone on the other side of the world thinks I’m worth exchanging cards with, but I’m so grateful that they do!