Postcrossing recently recieved cards

I reactivated my Postcrossing account just before moving into the new flat 2 weeks ago, so I had a lot of cards in the first week πŸ™‚ 14 in a few days might be my new record!


1 Austria – peaceful lake view with a quote “calm is the source of strength”
1 Belarus – fun illustration of a giant sunflower
1 Czech Republic – lovely heart made of shells
1 Finland – apparently travelled for 107 days?! Interesting black/blue flower thing
1 Guernsey – my first from here! Asian style illustration of a hot air balloon
3 Germany – a lovely peaceful lake view from a boardwalk,  a great aerial view of the Model valley, a multiview card from Dortmund that was the Postcrossers first registered card πŸ™‚
1 Japan – a beautiful view of Fuji
2 Netherlands – a poem about wisdom, and a nice frosted plant
2 Russia – an illustration of St Sergius monastery and a view with pink flowers
1 USA – a boot with a funny story about shoes in the message

This week was a bit quieter for post although I got all my outstanding penfriend letters written.


An exchange card from Paris, I sent a view of the Peak District
An amazing Buddha from Hong Kong, I’d like to visit there one day (along with lots of other places!)
2 cards from Russia, ‘from Moscow with love’, and a Russian doll card from my postcard pal that was designed by her too πŸ™‚

Post has been going out a few cards at a time, so I haven’t been recording it. I’ve gone back to the tags and swaps now I’ve settled, so hopefully there’s some nice cards on the way.

Before I take everything down…

…I thought I’d record how my notice boards look. They’ve become more than just cork pin boards, having limited hooks has inspired all sorts of ways of hanging extra little things πŸ™‚

I’ve started to pack up for my move now, only a week away and there’s still very little sorted, should I worry yet?!




Lemon Drizzle cake


I have a wonderful friend who regularly invites me round for dinner. I haven’t got the space to return the invite, so I take pudding instead. Yesterday I wanted to make something a bit more summery for the warmer weather, so I made a lemon drizzle cake, something I used to make quite often. I used a basic recipe I found written out in my recipes folder, it’s been there a while so I’ve got no idea where is came from originally. The amounts are fairly small so it doesn’t make a large cake, but it was tasty πŸ™‚

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Postcrossing recieved cards (w/c 27th April)


The top card is an official Postcrossing card which was delayed sending due to life suddenly getting crazy. I can understand that πŸ™‚ It’s a great black and white view from Inyo National Forest, California. The card has an usual matt appearance, the postal barcode that’s been printed on shows up shiny in certain lights!

The other 2 cards are from a swap with Olga in Israel, my first cards from that country πŸ™‚ I haven’t blogged the cards I sent, but it was the first use of my swap album, so it’s worth finally creating one (although I’m not sure this is the best place for it, I’ll see how it works out…) She writes that the symbol on the card on the left is ‘hamsa’ which protects from the evil eye, and the text translates as ‘good luck’. The other card I received in the swap (on the right) is a view of Jerusalem. The Bible quote just reminds me of how old the history is in that area.

And some interesting stamps too…



Carcassonne is a medieval walled city in Southern France and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also beautiful and slightly surreal, as if the city is a film set and round the back I’d just find some scaffolding to hold up the fairytale castle (there’s actually vineyards around the back, and more lovely views). The CitΓ© is an amazing place to explore, with a long history. There’s been a defensive site there since the late Roman period, rebuilt with an extra wall by Louis XI, and finally restored to it’s current medieval glory in 1853. I think we saw every little street on the CitΓ© in the 5 days we were there, it’s not huge but there’s lovely places around every corner.

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