Postcrossing recieved cards (w/c 27th April)


The top card is an official Postcrossing card which was delayed sending due to life suddenly getting crazy. I can understand that 🙂 It’s a great black and white view from Inyo National Forest, California. The card has an usual matt appearance, the postal barcode that’s been printed on shows up shiny in certain lights!

The other 2 cards are from a swap with Olga in Israel, my first cards from that country 🙂 I haven’t blogged the cards I sent, but it was the first use of my swap album, so it’s worth finally creating one (although I’m not sure this is the best place for it, I’ll see how it works out…) She writes that the symbol on the card on the left is ‘hamsa’ which protects from the evil eye, and the text translates as ‘good luck’. The other card I received in the swap (on the right) is a view of Jerusalem. The Bible quote just reminds me of how old the history is in that area.

And some interesting stamps too…



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