Postcrossing recently recieved cards

I reactivated my Postcrossing account just before moving into the new flat 2 weeks ago, so I had a lot of cards in the first week 🙂 14 in a few days might be my new record!


1 Austria – peaceful lake view with a quote “calm is the source of strength”
1 Belarus – fun illustration of a giant sunflower
1 Czech Republic – lovely heart made of shells
1 Finland – apparently travelled for 107 days?! Interesting black/blue flower thing
1 Guernsey – my first from here! Asian style illustration of a hot air balloon
3 Germany – a lovely peaceful lake view from a boardwalk,  a great aerial view of the Model valley, a multiview card from Dortmund that was the Postcrossers first registered card 🙂
1 Japan – a beautiful view of Fuji
2 Netherlands – a poem about wisdom, and a nice frosted plant
2 Russia – an illustration of St Sergius monastery and a view with pink flowers
1 USA – a boot with a funny story about shoes in the message

This week was a bit quieter for post although I got all my outstanding penfriend letters written.


An exchange card from Paris, I sent a view of the Peak District
An amazing Buddha from Hong Kong, I’d like to visit there one day (along with lots of other places!)
2 cards from Russia, ‘from Moscow with love’, and a Russian doll card from my postcard pal that was designed by her too 🙂

Post has been going out a few cards at a time, so I haven’t been recording it. I’ve gone back to the tags and swaps now I’ve settled, so hopefully there’s some nice cards on the way.


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