Repton walk with Meetup – scrapbooking

I’m really behind on my scrapbooking…I think going back to a computer based job again has led to less screen time at home, but this weekend I’ve been trying to catch up. Doesn’t make for the best layouts but I suppose I can always review them before getting them printed.


Journalling reads:

I went on a 5 mile walk with Meetup around Repton. It’s a very peaceful area with footpaths bordering fields and winding between hedgerows. It was lovely to get out and enjoy the weather and the countryside. And of course there was cake afterwards 🙂


Summer in the garden

The problem with my garden is that it’s more like a jungle, so I’m just using the yard area to enjoy the sunshine. I now finally have garden furniture, so hopefully there’ll be more nice weather for me to sit outside 🙂


London butterflies

DSC08939a DSC08903b










During a trip to London a couple of weeks ago to see a show, we just happened to see the Natural History museum exhibition ‘Sensational Butterflies’. A tent full of live tropical butterflies?! We just had to go and see 🙂 I seemed to be wearing a good colour of t-shirt, they kept landing on me, and they do tickle climbing around. I thought one was heading down the back of my shirt for a while. It took a while to leave the tent, the assistant had to keep picking butterflies off my back with me half-way through the door!





Lost sock hanger


I saw this idea somewhere a while ago, but I can’t remember where now… Sometimes I wear odd socks, but sometimes the washing machine eats one and I’m left with only 1 sock! And usually by the time I find the pair, the first one has gone missing. This solves that problem, and brightens up the kitchen a little 🙂

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