Lost sock hanger


I saw this idea somewhere a while ago, but I can’t remember where now… Sometimes I wear odd socks, but sometimes the washing machine eats one and I’m left with only 1 sock! And usually by the time I find the pair, the first one has gone missing. This solves that problem, and brightens up the kitchen a little 🙂

I was wandering around the pound shop marvelling at all the items that I could buy for only £1 each, and I saw a few things that seemed perfect for this project – a coat rack, pegs and superglue. I also used 3 colours of paint from tester pots (another new crafty discovery!), a varnish coating and some ribbon to hang it all.



I started by removing the hooks to leave just the wood (I suppose any bit of wood or backing of some sort would do for this…) I reused the hooks to replace the ones falling off an existing rack. I sanded my wood slightly too, to get it smooth. I also figured out how many pegs would fit comfortably, and took them apart. They get a bit repetitive to paint, so maybe fewer is better!

To brighten it up further I decided to use 2 colours on the pegs. This also meant that one half could dry held up by the other half. I masking taped my pegs to the table while the paint dried.


I alternated painting the pegs and the backing board as layers dried. Once the paint on the pegs has dried I reassembled them. They didn’t seem to go back together quite as well as they were before…

I decided to varnish the wood, I’m not sure why, I had some idea that it might need protecting. Maybe I should have practised with the spray can, it went a bit thick in places and didn’t dry completely clear.


Then it was time to attach the pegs! I measured out even spacing but left the original screw holes in the wood clear to use for hanging. And a tape measure might seem like overkill for a small bit of wood, but I’ve just moved and couldn’t find a ruler 🙂


Once the glue had dried it was just time to hang it. I used some ribbon the the fixing screws that came with the coat rack. They stick out the back, but it’s not hanging up against anything so it doesn’t matter. Glue would have worked as well, but the screws were just there.


And the finished product!


I managed to wedge a hook for the hanger next to the washing machine, for when the pairs turn up (no luck so far). I’m loving the colour and it seems solid, so I’m counting it as a success 🙂

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