Dining table renovation

Me and my brother moved house at about the same time, so I ended up with his dining set – an (at least) 3rd hand folding table, and some basic folding Ikea chairs. All good free stuff, but I’d had vague daydreams of a bright dining room with colourful mismatched furniture, big windows…maybe one day 🙂

Anyway, I decided to brighten it all up a bit. First task was cleaning the table, the water went brown and it took several goes to get the worst off – I’m not sure this table had ever been properly cleaned!


To get rid of the worst of the dirt and scratches, I decided to sand the top and some of the legs. It’s a nice wood but sanding was hard work.


Painting the whole table would have been too much, so I decided to just paint the bottom of the legs. I measured up to a good height and used masking tape to mark the areas that I was planning to paint, and to give the paint a neat edge. It took a couple of coats to get it looking good. I used pale pink on the feet, and a metallic paint on the cross-bar because I liked the colour 🙂



To brighten up the top I stuck flowery paper to the central panel, then I dragged it outside and used a spray varnish to coat it all. It could probably do with a thicker coat at some point, but the varnish ran out…


And the finished result! Much more fun, and brightens up my little dining corner. I spray-painted a chair too for a bit more colour – it’s a bit patchy but much more colourful!



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