Sewing machine cover


I have a new sewing machine!!! I’m very excited, and of course the first project had to be a pretty cover for it πŸ™‚ It’s lightly quilted with a few stripes of fabric I raided from my stash. The lining is more of the plain brown cotton. I measured the dimensions off the basic cover that came with the machine, and the construction is 4 side pieces with a split top to allow the handle to be used with the cover.


I added a pocket to one side, my scissors needed a home πŸ™‚


The two halves of the top gaped a bit, which isn’t great for a dust cover, so I added a button with a ribbon loop to hold it together under the handle.


I’ve got a lot more familiar with my new machine now, although I still need to figure out how some of the functions work… I’m hoping to do more sewing if I have a little sewing area set up, I’ll be able to do a bit more crafting without having to sort everything out again.


3 thoughts on “Sewing machine cover

  1. Congratulations on your new sewing machine and cover. What kind of machine did you get? You might want to look into fixing your old machine too. I don’t know what you had, but there are a lot of loved older sewing machines out there.


      • I looked up your model and it looks really nice. I found out it was also available in the UK only as far as I can tell. The computerized Singer 5500 I was using was ok but it sucks really thin material into the feed dogs and chomps it up so I went back to my old strait stitch machines. Janome in general has a better reputation these days. I can’t wait to see more of your projects πŸ™‚


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