Outgoing post – Moomins, Much Wenlock and the Military


So much post going travelling this week! There’s penfriend letters to Germany, Australia, Dominica and Reunion, as well as a card for my Dad.

The Moomins are off to USA and the Shropshire card is off to Portugal, both as official Postcrossing cards. My current travelling cards are all taking their time going to Russia so I decided to untick the ‘send several cards to the same place’ option and send to a few other places, maybe they’ll move faster. I’m currently 3 up in postcards so I need some of mine to arrive before I can receive more!

The art gallery card is off to Russia too, for a postcard pal. Our cards must be crossing somewhere, her comments are a card out!

And the officers from ‘Pride and Prejudice’ are also off to Russia as part of the postcard diary round robin. My partner this month loves the book so I hope she likes the card 🙂

In conclusion, I’ve run out of stamps!


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