Basic skirt

It’s been a while since I made any clothing but now I have the time and space and a whole stack of books and pattern magazines I’m planning to get back into practice. It might take a lot of practice…

I decided to start with a basic work skirt. I got a couple of metres of a slightly heavier weight suiting fabric for winter wear and made a basic pattern by tracing the shape of one of my other skirts. I don’t know why I didn’t trust the sizing when it came from something I know fits, so I ended up sewing only a narrow seam allowance and made it too big! Fit is definitely something I need to get better at…


I decided to hem the bottom edge with some fun fabric to add some hidden colour, but I think I overstitched the bottom hem, and the skirt doesn’t really sit properly.  I like the idea though, I think I’ll try to keep adding the extra colours to the inside that I wouldn’t wear on the outside. The wobble is possibly also related to me cutting the fabric at an angle to get the check in a ‘V’ shape down the front.


I still wore it to work the other day, it doesn’t look too bad but I think it sticks out a bit at the back… And I didn’t get any decent photos of me wearing it, another thing to practice! Stand by for a different skirt made out of the rest of this material!




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