Swap-bot swaps

I’ve been a member of Swap-bot since August, and I’ve done some great swaps but I’m very bad at keeping track of what I’ve sent to who and when. In a way it’s nice to not worry about it, but it would also be nice to have a record sometimes, maybe I’ll start one for the next round of swaps I do…

So here is a photographic record of some recent swaps (I’ve also been bad at taking photos of swaps before I package and send them but I’m trying to improve!)

Sent swaps

Nearly winter care package – sent to France


  • warm socks
  • ‘cosy by the fire’ yankee candle
  • Pukka teas
  • Rubber stamps
  • candy canes
  • stickers and a postcard

Response: “Thank you ! The socks are so soft 🙂 ”

Choose 2 – sent to Canada


The swap was a choice of 2 from 5 homemade envelopes, 5 teas or 5 samples of washi tape. The swapper I sent to loved tea and envelopes so the choice was obvious!

The envelopes are made from scrapbooking papers, magazines and an old calender.

This swap only started travelling today but I hope they like it!

Meet my Country


This swap asked for a magnet, keyring, a souvenir, sweets, 3 postcards of the local area and 3 teas – so here is my package nearly ready to go when the partners are assigned. My local souvenir is a bookmark, I’m not sure if it’s meant to be something a bit fancier…that’s my main issue with swaps – I worry if I’m sending something good enough to not disappoint someone or make them feel cheated. I’ve also included a few local leaflets, old tickets and some stickers of London. There’s quite a bit there to send so I hope whoever ends up receiving it all will be happy. Derby isn’t a big tourist place so my choices were a bit limited. The magnets and keyrings with pictures on weren’t great quality so I’m hoping the Derby city crest counts as showing something local 🙂

I’m not usually so organised but I’ll have to send this off quickly once I get home after Christmas.

Maybe I’ll stock up on Shrewsbury supplies when I’m there, or use Nottingham instead, but as I live here it seems right to send local things.

Received swaps

Nearly winter care package – received from UK


I have nice soap and washi tape on my wish-list, and mention I avoid milk, and this swapper took a lot of care to make a nice package that I’d enjoy. It’s one of the nicest parcels I’ve received. I was really happy when I opened it, and that’s the main reason I swap 🙂

Don’t open ’til Christmas – received from Austria


So I haven’t opened it all before Christmas! It was so tempting and I needed something cheerful the night it arrived! Three little packages in one, I don’t think I sent anywhere near as much to my partner, I’d interpreted it as a smaller swap. Socks (also on my wishlist), festive tape and a pretty diary, and one surprise left. I already have a diary for next year so this one will become my financial diary to track where all the money wanders off to every month…

Initial Christmas – received from Czech Republic


I’ll admit I was disappointed in this one. The idea was to send 2 gifts corresponding to the partners initials – I sent to K.A. a book on festive Knitting and some scrap-booking Accessories which she loved receiving. I received 2 magnets – Elephants, and a Czech Spa and Shaped card. I was hoping for socks or soap or sparkle, but my fridge is looking brighter now.

Send me some papers – received from Canada


The idea of this swap was to send paper/ letter writing type items. I think I sent postcards, envelopes, letter sets etc. This was an interesting package to receive, it felt like a lot of care had gone into it, but it also felt a bit random. The papers are lovely, and stickers and tape are always useful, but I’m not sure what to do with the little bits of cross-stitch and crochet…

Postcrossing swap

I also did a Christmas gift swap on Postcrossing. The organiser required references which gave me more confidence in this swap that most larger Postcrossing forum swaps.

Sent to Russia:


Sticky notes, stamps and ink pads set, and a neon plastic decoration. It’s been received but not opened yet. I realised after I sent it she asked for no note-pads but I think sticky notes are different enough.

Received from Finland:


It feels exciting, I think there’s several things in there but I have no idea what!

I can’t wait for Christmas now! All these surprises waiting to be discovered 🙂


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