Travel cable tidy


I decided that jewellery holders probably wouldn’t be as appreciated by the men I was making for, so I made cable tidies for the travelling man to transport cables, plugs, chargers and converter plugs in style (or at least more easily!)


I followed the pattern from the same little book as the ‘bling books’ I also made as gifts. A basic cardboard template for the front, inner and fleece lining. Two stripes of elastic to hold the cables (and don’t iron elastic, it melts! So iron everything before starting – I learnt the hard way!). A short section of the template for the pocket – I adjusted the pattern here to add a zip. It’s an easy edit – I sewed the zip to the folded edge of the pocket and stitched the zip edge to hide the raw fold, then stitched the other side of the  zip flat to the inner (I tried it with the zip folded over too but it becomes bulky and harder to manage). It’s then easy to sew the pieces together inside out leaving the pocket end of the tidy open, turn the cable tidy the right way out, then turn just the pocket inside out and sew up the final edge where it’s hidden. I also zig-zag stitched that edge to make it a bit neater. I found an edge stitch helped to keep the whole case flatter and neatened the edges. They fasten with poppers, I lined them up by sticking pins through the fabric then marking the points, it seems the work! Measuring the positions on the fabric didn’t work because it never quite ends up straight… And the number of poppers varied by where the poppers would fit around the seams and elastic.

The recipients seemed to appreciate them. There’s a few travellers in the family so who knows where these little projects will end up!






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