Outgoing post – flowers and experiments

A part of me feels like at the start of a new year I should do some sort of review or make some resolutions… I don’t keep track of things well enough to properly display my achievements at the end if the year, that’s sort of what this blog is for recording anyway. And I’m already feeling so overwhelmed by 2016 (20 hours in) that I doubt I’ll remember resolutions let alone keep them. One thing at a time, I realistically can’t go to the far side of the planet and look for a house at the same time. So I’ll just keep going as I am and keep improving on that. And if I stay generally happy, fairly well travelled, and delivered of nice mail I think I’ll be doing well.

So here’s my first outgoing post of the New Year:


The Mark Twain quote is off to Japan to a postcard pal. York with blossom is headed to another pal in Russia. And the Darley Abbey cottage is going to Czech Republic as the first card of this month’s postcard diary.

I’ve also set in motion a postal experiment. I saw somewhere a while ago a post by someone who’d sent coasters through the post so I thought I’d try it.


It’s off to my Mum because she was there when I bought them. It should arrive, it’s like a small postcard and I glued everything down for extra security. It would be fun to send them further too, anyone fancy a trade?!


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