Swaps- socks and postcards

I was really excited about the sock swap, I spent ages finding nice quality pretty socks but I’ve had a mixed lot back…

Here’s what I sent out – 2 sets of: 2 pairs of socks, a notebook and a pen. One profile (right) was a little more conservative and fond of pure fabrics so I’m hoping she’ll like my little parcel. The other profile (left) had very little information, so I sent just sent things I liked and it was well received.


Here’s what I received:

First up a fluffy and pretty selection from a swapper I received a Christmas swap from before (and yes that is me already wearing a pair!). I love warm socks and red kites 🙂


The second parcel to arrive wasn’t quite so great…maybe the ripped up envelope was some sort of omen!


I found this parcel part disappointing, part disturbing… Is it bad I know the socks came from Poundland? And one set is kid size, which was probably an oversight but surely you check? And have I ever mentioned my fairly severe needle phobia? OK, requires medicating to even approach needles level of phobia, that pen didn’t stay in sight very long. I didn’t think it was something I needed to mention on my Swap-bot profile but it’s on there now. But the notebook is cute, and has coloured pages which is always fun.

Maybe I expect too much from swaps with complete strangers, but as an eternal optimist I don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon!

I’ve also sent out a couple of swap postcards recently (mainly to show off the stamps I bought recently) –


And in local news:

  • The building across the road got raided for cannabis (again)
  • Someone got stabbed at the end of the street
  • There was even a car chase in Derby recently, when did I move to a big violent city?

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