Lettermo- second half

It was all going so well! But between catching every cough and cold available, other health worries, stress over nothing and general low mood, I decided the last thing I needed to be worrying about was how many letters I’d written. I’ve caught up on my post now so I’ve achieved my main objective. There’s so many things in life to worry about, a fun hobby like postcards shouldn’t add to the list!

16 Swap-bot postcard, France – London map
17 Postcard diary, Germany – Lavender fields
18 Swap-bot postcard, USA – Einstein quote
22 Swap-bot direct swap, Malaysia – Sunset over Kinder Scout
24 Postcard diary, Germany – vintage surfing/ embroidered card
28 Letter to Linda, USA
29 Postcard to myself for 29th February – Adventure begins

Embroidered postcards


During this month’s Postcrossing forum ‘postcard diary’ I received an amazing crocheted card of a fish in sparkling seas. It got me thinking about what I could create… After the stamp collage card I received next I decided I had to make something to send back!

It’s a first attempt so nothing fancy. I’m still getting used to machine embroidery, the tension never seems right. And getting them onto the card neatly was difficult too. I should progress from flowers soon, then who knows what will head off in the post! In an envelope obviously, but I do wonder how it would survive as it is…

Travel wallet – first attempt

My travel envelope broke recently so I thought I’d make a new one. I then thought it would make a nice Mother’s Day gift! I looked at a few pictures, did a vague measurement off my passport and some A4 paper so all my documents would fit, and just went for it with the pockets. I also tried out my freehand embroidery on the front for some decoration.


I had some sudden inspiration and stayed up late sewing – never a very good idea, it resulted in lots of unpicking before I decided to give up for the night… And I then spotted several issues this morning which were too late to solve. I got a right angle out to make things straight and it’s still wonky! And it’s really floppy which might not work, I used some light interfacing but it’s nowhere near enough. So it looks nice but I’m not sure how practical it is.



I’m still loving the hammer on press fasteners 🙂

I’m planning to try again for myself. I’ve got some faux leather and fabric from a long ago holiday which might make a nice combination, and maybe some tougher interfacing.

I’ve got another gift idea too which I might try next. Maybe I’ll send this off as well to be trialed but I think it needs to be a lot tougher to shove in bags and carry around airports. I’m sure it’ll find a use somewhere, maybe a document carrier or useful pouch…

Lettermo – half way

Well, I’m doing a Lettermo/ InCoWriMo mash-up really. Month of Letters is only aiming for every day the post runs (so Sundays off here) and I’ve aimed for every day, but International Correspondence Writing Month doesn’t seem to have updated for this year…but whatever I’m doing it’s caught me up on my post so well I’m not quite sure who to write to for the rest of the month! I’ve got a few swaps coming up, the monthly round robin, and a journal to reply to. After that I’ll hope I receive something to reply to, I’ve got 9 free Postcrossing slots and some friends I should stay in touch with better. I’m sure I’ll manage 🙂

The post so far:

  1. ​Swap card to USA – Wollaton embroidery
  2. Swap-bot map card swap, Netherlands – Peak District map
  3. Swap-bot ‘Happy February’ card, USA – butterfly/ letter to Carmen, Germany
  4. Postcard reply to Swap, UK – ‘You’re all kinds of lovely’ / Postcard diary week 1 to Gina, Germany – British Library books
  5. Postcard to Yulia, Russia – Shrewsbury Dingle
  6. Letter to Linda, USA
  7. Postcard to Alex, Russia – Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’
  8. Letter to Tanja, USA
  9. Postcard to Deniz, Turkey – Campervan
  10. Letter to Becky, NZ/ Postcard diary to Gina, Germany – cartoon rabbit
  11. Card to Louise, Australia
  12. Postcards to Sandy, Japan – Be Awesome & York
  13. Swap-bot Random Postcard swap to USA – Jane Austen quote
  14. Postcrossing card, Germany – Peak District villages
  15. Letter to Carmen, Germany

Cromford Canal – scrapbook page

canal walk.jpg

As you can probably tell from the September date, my scrapbooking for last year is very behind! Since I started working in an office on a computer all day I’ve not wanted to be on the computer as much in the evenings…

I like Cromford – the mill, the canal, the history, the nice little shops… I’d like to go back soon, it’s a very relaxing place. These pictures are from a walk I did along the disused canal from Whatstandwell to Cromford full of peace, sunshine and ducks 🙂

  • Papers and some elements from ‘100 days of summer’ by Harper Finch
  • Other elements from ‘A lovely day’ mini-kit but I’m not sure where it came from, and a few other kits

Remembering what I have

I drift through so many days, and I’m suddenly feeling glad to be alive. I’ve been dancing around the living room and rediscovering treasures as I tidy up. I might not have the most exotic life, but I have so much. I just found the stationery I brought back from Japan 8 years ago, the stuff I was scared to use and use up because I didn’t know where I’d get any more, but now I’m planning my next trip out there in May. I can use that stationery to tell everyone how excited I am 🙂

I can travel. I have the means, the time and the ability. I might not like my belly (I’ve only got myself to blame for that) but I’m OK to do whatever I want.

I’ve been feeling lonely recently, I’m still new to this city. I don’t yet have someone down the road to hang out with although I am looking, but I have friends in other cities, countries and continents who brighten my days with messages and letters. I have more letters and postcards than I know what to do with!

I know my family are there for me. They want me to be happy, and to do well. And I want the same for them.

I have my own space now, my own furniture. And I have space for my life and my hobbies, the sewing is slowly taking over the dining table and for the first time in years I have room for all my books. OK the damp and mold follow me around but buying a house is suddenly a few years off not never.

The new job has me wanting to stay and learn and settle. I never expected to end up in Derby or railway engineering but I’m not complaining (except about getting up on Monday’s and on slow afternoons). And if I occasionally wonder ‘what if’ it’s not with the desperation I used to have. How do I ask my manager to fund a masters degree?! I have a path now. I’m signing off on projects I designed, with help but there are people there willing to help me.

And tomorrow I’m going to meet one of my best friends and feed the ducks. Go team me!

There’s a world out there I want to be part of 🙂 and when I feel that things are hard work I’ll just have to look back here and remember how to enjoy life.