A swap for penpal supplies

This swap was for an ‘Emergency kit for your penpals!’ to include:

  • 2 different letter sets : 2 sheets of each kind + matching envelope
  • 5 envelopes
    -2 store bought
    – 2 hand made – sender choice
    – 1 airmail
  • 5 airmail stickers
  • 5 address labels


For a swapper in the Netherlands who likes: Japan, Paris, flowers, birds and purple. The home-made envelopes are from old calender pages.

Response: “Unfortunately the whole envelop was torn when I found it in my mailbox. But… I am sure nothing was lost. I love everything you sent me! Thank you very much!!!”

-Hopefully nothing was lost. I don’t think I’ve had an envelope reported damaged before, maybe I should find some tougher ones or layer up my envelopes… I received a kit back from this swapper too and she used an envelope inside an envelope.


And for a swapper in Germany who likes: travel, turquoise, fuchsia, metallic grey and nothing cartoony. The handmade envelopes were created from scrapbooking paper.

Response: “Thank you so much for all these nice items, I love everything ! Sure, I will use them for my penpals in Japan or in the US.”



From the Netherlands:

So many pretty things! Especially the old map envelope and the mail pigeon design. I have no idea who’s on that envelope but she’s presumably someone famous.


From Guernsey:


Another envelope of lovely things! I recognise a few bits from UK shops but nothing I have, and it’s all very fun. Look at that spy envelope!

I love how this parcel was sent 🙂 It’s a clear plastic envelope with labels stuck on. I’ve been thinking of getting some see through envelopes for a while, I like seeing the insides from the outside. I may do some fancy envelope shopping soon…

Definitely a successful swap!


One thought on “A swap for penpal supplies

  1. I have always wanted to experiment with clear envelopes too! There’s something so cute and unique about them! I’ve seen a DIY tutorial somewhere where you laminate glitter and sequins to create a clear envelope with a little sparkle, but I failed so hard at it when I tried, haha. Anyway, looks like you had a lovely swap!


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