Lettermo – half way

Well, I’m doing a Lettermo/ InCoWriMo mash-up really. Month of Letters is only aiming for every day the post runs (so Sundays off here) and I’ve aimed for every day, but International Correspondence Writing Month doesn’t seem to have updated for this year…but whatever I’m doing it’s caught me up on my post so well I’m not quite sure who to write to for the rest of the month! I’ve got a few swaps coming up, the monthly round robin, and a journal to reply to. After that I’ll hope I receive something to reply to, I’ve got 9 free Postcrossing slots and some friends I should stay in touch with better. I’m sure I’ll manage 🙂

The post so far:

  1. ​Swap card to USA – Wollaton embroidery
  2. Swap-bot map card swap, Netherlands – Peak District map
  3. Swap-bot ‘Happy February’ card, USA – butterfly/ letter to Carmen, Germany
  4. Postcard reply to Swap, UK – ‘You’re all kinds of lovely’ / Postcard diary week 1 to Gina, Germany – British Library books
  5. Postcard to Yulia, Russia – Shrewsbury Dingle
  6. Letter to Linda, USA
  7. Postcard to Alex, Russia – Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’
  8. Letter to Tanja, USA
  9. Postcard to Deniz, Turkey – Campervan
  10. Letter to Becky, NZ/ Postcard diary to Gina, Germany – cartoon rabbit
  11. Card to Louise, Australia
  12. Postcards to Sandy, Japan – Be Awesome & York
  13. Swap-bot Random Postcard swap to USA – Jane Austen quote
  14. Postcrossing card, Germany – Peak District villages
  15. Letter to Carmen, Germany

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