Travel wallet – first attempt

My travel envelope broke recently so I thought I’d make a new one. I then thought it would make a nice Mother’s Day gift! I looked at a few pictures, did a vague measurement off my passport and some A4 paper so all my documents would fit, and just went for it with the pockets. I also tried out my freehand embroidery on the front for some decoration.


I had some sudden inspiration and stayed up late sewing – never a very good idea, it resulted in lots of unpicking before I decided to give up for the night… And I then spotted several issues this morning which were too late to solve. I got a right angle out to make things straight and it’s still wonky! And it’s really floppy which might not work, I used some light interfacing but it’s nowhere near enough. So it looks nice but I’m not sure how practical it is.



I’m still loving the hammer on press fasteners 🙂

I’m planning to try again for myself. I’ve got some faux leather and fabric from a long ago holiday which might make a nice combination, and maybe some tougher interfacing.

I’ve got another gift idea too which I might try next. Maybe I’ll send this off as well to be trialed but I think it needs to be a lot tougher to shove in bags and carry around airports. I’m sure it’ll find a use somewhere, maybe a document carrier or useful pouch…


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