Lettermo- second half

It was all going so well! But between catching every cough and cold available, other health worries, stress over nothing and general low mood, I decided the last thing I needed to be worrying about was how many letters I’d written. I’ve caught up on my post now so I’ve achieved my main objective. There’s so many things in life to worry about, a fun hobby like postcards shouldn’t add to the list!

16 Swap-bot postcard, France – London map
17 Postcard diary, Germany – Lavender fields
18 Swap-bot postcard, USA – Einstein quote
22 Swap-bot direct swap, Malaysia – Sunset over Kinder Scout
24 Postcard diary, Germany – vintage surfing/ embroidered card
28 Letter to Linda, USA
29 Postcard to myself for 29th February – Adventure begins


One thought on “Lettermo- second half

  1. Congrats on sending as much mail as you did; that’s a lot! I like the idea of something like LetterMo as a motivation to get writing, but in the end, you’re right–it should make things more fun, not stressful! I hope you’re feeling better! =)


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