Snail mail frustrations

Maybe it’s all the other stresses in my life right now but even my post isn’t making me happy at the moment 😦

I put my Postcrossing account on inactive with a few cards travelling and maybe one or two owing. I thought I’d stop any arriving when I’m away for medical and holiday reasons, and get a few owing for in a couple of months time. I’ve had several of my cards arrive but I’m also now 2 cards negative with everything I’ve received! It bothers me because I feel like I have to catch up all the time, and my response to the two cards today was “what, more?!” and “could be prettier”, so I may need to back down from Postcrossing again and focus on penfriend and postcard pals… Is the UK just rare enough on the website that as soon as I start sending, any future owed cards are a instantly given out by the system?

And swap-bot has frustrated me too. I know I should focus on who I’m receiving from and not their country, but the last 3 swaps are coming from USA while I’ve sent to Chile, Japan, and Malaysia. Maybe it’s the traveller in me wanting something more exotic or varied…or the tired office worker in me! The only solution I can think of for that issue is to adjust my attitude… I know that some of my nicest cards and swaps have come from the most common Postcrossing/ Swap-bot countries, and I have amazing penfriends in those countries too, but I still want to see something of the rest of the world!

Today has been just dull enough to get me down, I’m sure I’ll feel brighter again later.

/rant over, I’ve got swaps to send…

5 thoughts on “Snail mail frustrations

  1. When I felt similar, I focused more on Postcrossing forum. There I have more chance to choose from where to receive cards and even – what kind of cards. Anyway, sometimes it’s good to change a thing. Take a little break and when coming back you will feel much better! 🙂

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