Weather incoming!



In traditional bank holiday style, Friday night might be the last sunshine of the weekend…

Just passed The Wrekin on the train – almost home ๐Ÿ™‚

Recent sent and received cards (and a bit of history)

Received from USA as part of the Postcrossing April postcard diary RR – “Soot sprites and tea” a lovely card of one of Studio Ghibli’s cutest creations ๐Ÿ™‚

Sent for diary week 2, and continuing the Studio Ghibli theme- Howls Moving Castle


Received from a postcard pal in Russia and very suitable for spring – “Pasque flowers in the Kurai Steppe”, it looks like a beautiful area.

Sent in reply – Battlefield church, Shrewsbury – bought when I visited home for Easter.


Received from a postcard pal in Turkey – a lovely illustrated view of Istanbul

Sent in reply – an historic style map of Shropshire


Received from a postcard pal in Taiwan – an illustration of a traditional Taiwanese window

Sent in reply – Archbishop Richard Scrope as a Saint in the Book of Hours, bought in York Minster.


And now for the historical links between random cards… The battle of Shrewsbury took place in 1403 between Henry ‘Hotspur’ Percy who felt the King hadn’t fulfilled his promises, and King Henry IV (and if you don’t know the result, Hotspur got an arrow in the face and King Henry was still King. Percy thought the Welsh might help but they were busy fighting somewhere else… It was also the first battle that pitched English longbow men against each other).

So the church is at the site of the battle in 1403 (sent card 2) which is in Shrewsbury, Shropshire (sent card 3), and Archbishop Scrope (sent card 4) was free to become a Saint because he also rebelled against Henry IV and lost, and was executed in 1405. Gory English history about to travel the globe!

Fake Wrap Skirt

I’ve had some Liberty’s fabric waiting to be used since last year. I was about to sew with it when my old sewing machine broke so it’s waited a while! I started by trying to make somethingย  a sort of gathered skirt without a pattern, but it looked badly fitted and frumpy even half-made so I gave up on that and looked for a pattern.

I used NewLook pattern 6326, a fake wrap around skirt with an extra little pleat. It fits really well, it’s clearly a style that works for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve got some more fabric now to make another version… I’m thinking of moving the zip to the side to have a one piece back, and adding a false wrap piece with a few nice buttons to the waist band to go with the faux wrap look.

The fabric is a cotton lawn so I decided to line it. Unfortunately I made a kind of integral lining, didn’t pre-wash and now it’s got a funny bag on it I’m hoping I’ll be able to creatively iron out… I wore it to work, so the photos are of me half asleep in the back garden early in the morning!

There was a good discussion at the sewing club that evening about how frustrating it is to make something so well that no one asks if you made it! Because no one asked ๐Ÿ™‚