Fake Wrap Skirt

I’ve had some Liberty’s fabric waiting to be used since last year. I was about to sew with it when my old sewing machine broke so it’s waited a while! I started by trying to make something  a sort of gathered skirt without a pattern, but it looked badly fitted and frumpy even half-made so I gave up on that and looked for a pattern.

I used NewLook pattern 6326, a fake wrap around skirt with an extra little pleat. It fits really well, it’s clearly a style that works for me 🙂 I’ve got some more fabric now to make another version… I’m thinking of moving the zip to the side to have a one piece back, and adding a false wrap piece with a few nice buttons to the waist band to go with the faux wrap look.

The fabric is a cotton lawn so I decided to line it. Unfortunately I made a kind of integral lining, didn’t pre-wash and now it’s got a funny bag on it I’m hoping I’ll be able to creatively iron out… I wore it to work, so the photos are of me half asleep in the back garden early in the morning!

There was a good discussion at the sewing club that evening about how frustrating it is to make something so well that no one asks if you made it! Because no one asked 🙂


One thought on “Fake Wrap Skirt

  1. This is lovely, the fabric is really pretty. Also I know what you mean about when no one asks if you made your clothes! Haha it’s funny I don’t usually go around hoping someone will comment on my clothes but if I’m wearing something I’ve made it I’m really disappointed when no one asks! Haha 🙂


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