Beautiful places so far…


Ookunitama-jinga shrine, Tokyo




The Shinkansen!


Rice paddies near Nagoya


Fushimi Inari shrine, Kyoto


Heian-jingu shrine gardens, Kyoto

This week is going so fast, I’m moving on to Nagasaki tomorrow! It’s all go for adventures now 🙂

I went to the (Japanese) supermarket and I bought…


Chocolate roll, green tea cakes, watermelon, koala biscuits, panda biscuits, grape juice and chocolate. I shouldn’t be let loose in there again! Or the ¥100 store, but with 3 weeks here who knows what I’ll end up with…

Not much else to report yet, today involved a temple and a zoo (and excited children!). Tomorrow – the big city 🙂

Themed post

(Disclaimer: I put these together at the weekend, today I’ve been so tired work was a struggle and leaving the house for the sewing club just didn’t happen. I’m hoping no one’s life is really as amazing as their blogs otherwise I’m doing something very wrong…)

I may have got a little more carried away than normal with these. The letters aren’t actually written yet, but I think they’ll look good when they are!

I wanted to turn a card into more of a letter, so the writing paper is glued to create a fold out, and everything else sort of followed…bits of paper bag, old magazine, stickers and a quote that fits nicely 🙂 I even dug out vaguely matching stamps!

The inside:


And the outside:


And in reply to a very shiny silver envelope (underneath the paper in the left of the photo) I’m using my new and crazy paperchase stationery. I thought the oil slick quote card fits nicely with the incredibly sparkly envelope and rainbow writing paper 🙂


I’m hoping to get these written and sent in the next couple of days before I leave everything behind for 3 weeks. I’m going to Japan on Friday! I’m so excited but getting increasingly more nervous now too.

On the procrastination list this evening…

The new photo editing app from ‘A Beautiful Mess‘ called ‘A colour story’ (see above weirdly enhanced photos!). I’m not sure I’ll be buying any extra filters but they do post great pictures.

And finding lots more blogs to read using Bloglovin’, so many amazing quilts on there! I’ve so far made 4 blocks of mine…

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Handmade postcards

Handmade postcards aren’t very popular on Postcrossing, I think most people have experienced receiving a few stickers on some paper and been less than impressed by the ‘artwork’. I’m always happy to see what people create, and I now have the start of a little homemade collection 🙂 A collision of 2 of my favourite things – sewing and snail mail!

I was contacted by Mary in Russia (who first saw the cards on this blog, so hello!) wanting to swap handmade cards, a from a few of her suggestions I stitched a view of books and tea. I sent it in an envelope but I’m becoming more confident that the cards would survive naked.


In return I received a lovely cross-stitched quote and bird, with a fun woven border (and only mild damage from the long journey). Thank you 🙂


I was also reminded of a card I received a few months ago from Gina in Germany as part of the monthly postcard diary swap. Sparkly crochet!


Hopefully my collection will continue to grow in size and craft styles! I’ll have to get making so I’ll have cards to send in return…

Outgoing postcards – cities and flowers


My Postcrossing sent cards reached 0 today! So it was time to send a few more out travelling. (Of course I should really be answering my letters before I abandon them all for 3 weeks of holiday, but I’ve still got 10 days to panic and write)

1 to Netherlands – they had a very short profile mainly about postcards and happiness, so hopefully this metallic quote is appropriate.

1 to Germany – this Postcrosser likes cards with the town name on. I haven’t got any of Derby but I have some from a recent visit to York.

3 to Russia – hopefully this Union Jack coloured stripe view of London is close enough to the black and white architecture this Saint Petersburg based recipient likes. And off to Moscow, the vintage railway poster card of Buxton fits the vintage and illustrated views requests of one Postcrosser, and a liking for flowers is always easy.

And now I’ve nearly run out of stamps again, I’ll have to sort that out quickly!

Other people make it look so easy…


That is the sad poorly fitting remains of a vest top… I got so excited! I adjusted the pattern (way too much in some areas and not enough in others, as it turns out) and went for it (who needs trial runs anyway? Me apparently) and now I’m sitting here with a load of wasted lovely fabric feeling fed up and inadequate  😦  I’m going to have to start from scratch, reprint and adjust the pattern, then adjust for the fabric I have left. Right now I can’t be bothered.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more enthusiasm to find an old sheet to experiment with. My issue is the 8 cup sizes between me and a standard pattern… I’m not sure I’ve ever made something that fits well, so maybe this will be the one. I can dream!

Any advice from an extreme full bust adjustment expert gratefully received 🙂