Other people make it look so easy…


That is the sad poorly fitting remains of a vest top… I got so excited! I adjusted the pattern (way too much in some areas and not enough in others, as it turns out) and went for it (who needs trial runs anyway? Me apparently) and now I’m sitting here with a load of wasted lovely fabric feeling fed up and inadequate  😦  I’m going to have to start from scratch, reprint and adjust the pattern, then adjust for the fabric I have left. Right now I can’t be bothered.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have more enthusiasm to find an old sheet to experiment with. My issue is the 8 cup sizes between me and a standard pattern… I’m not sure I’ve ever made something that fits well, so maybe this will be the one. I can dream!

Any advice from an extreme full bust adjustment expert gratefully received 🙂


2 thoughts on “Other people make it look so easy…

    • Thank you. I looked at so many tutorials I thought I had it sorted, but clearly not… I’m hoping that once I’ve sorted a basic top, I can use it as a base for other items too. I also shouldn’t sew tired, it always ends badly!


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