Handmade postcards

Handmade postcards aren’t very popular on Postcrossing, I think most people have experienced receiving a few stickers on some paper and been less than impressed by the ‘artwork’. I’m always happy to see what people create, and I now have the start of a little homemade collection 🙂 A collision of 2 of my favourite things – sewing and snail mail!

I was contacted by Mary in Russia (who first saw the cards on this blog, so hello!) wanting to swap handmade cards, a from a few of her suggestions I stitched a view of books and tea. I sent it in an envelope but I’m becoming more confident that the cards would survive naked.


In return I received a lovely cross-stitched quote and bird, with a fun woven border (and only mild damage from the long journey). Thank you 🙂


I was also reminded of a card I received a few months ago from Gina in Germany as part of the monthly postcard diary swap. Sparkly crochet!


Hopefully my collection will continue to grow in size and craft styles! I’ll have to get making so I’ll have cards to send in return…


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