Happy Mail!

I had a bit of a break from swapbot recently, with illness and holidays it was hard to keep up with post too. But in the last few weeks I found several great swaps so the post is picking up again! It’s my own fault for not sending much but I’m always dissapointed to get home to no letters…

The swap required:
1 sticker sheet
5 washi tape samples
1 postcard
1 teabag
3 items of your choice

Sent to the Netherlands-


Toucan stickers, paper doilies, floral notecards, postcards, a fun badge, tea and tape.

It’s always good when recipient really liked what I sent them 🙂 and making people happy makes me happy. Maybe if everyone did snail mail the world would be a nicer place…

Rating received:  “just received your swap and it made my day. I love the doilies from Santoro. Thank you so much!”

Received from Chile-


Black on clear vintage style stickers, to do notes, tab sticky notes, very pretty tape, a magnetic bookmark, a postcard of the Japanese garden in Buenos Aires, and a tea bag in a cute origami case 🙂

I’ve only received postcards from Chile before so it was great to get a larger swap too, but I’m coming to realise more and more now that it’s the people who make the swaps extra special. If someone really cares about making a stranger happy with just the contents of an envelope it doesn’t matter where they’re from 🙂


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