2 note-cards and a note swap

So, the swap called for 2 blank note cards and a note, little and easy – fits in the restrictive Royal Mail letter size, and I have so many note cards I should just send them never mind swapping them for different ones!

Sent to USA:

3 note cards just to be sure I sent something the recipient liked, sent in an ‘East of India’ paper bag with some star confetti. And a note, which I interpreted as more than the usual I hope you like this swap/ are having a good day type of thing, so I wrote a short letter about whatever random things came to mind. The recipient mentioned a specific thank you for the note so I think it was worth the effort, but I didn’t get the same back.

Received from Singapore:

A couple of pretty note cards, a map postcard or bookmark, and the little note (top right). I suppose I was hoping for more somehow, maybe my excitement to receive from anywhere but USA at the moment built it up too much 🙂 but they’ll get sent or swapped onwards – butterflies seems to be a reoccurring like at the moment. And I really should write more of my letters using my note card stash!


2 thoughts on “2 note-cards and a note swap

  1. Fun bear card! I like the fox, too.

    LOL at “anywhere but USA.” Yes, even though I only sign up for “International” swaps, it seems the majority of the time I am matched with (U.S. of) American swap partners. Well, it was nice of you Singaporean benefactor to include an extra, and a kind little note! And the beach scene is beautiful.


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