More outgoing postcards

I’m aware that my blog is currently postcards and other post, but I’m blaming fairly recent surgery and very recent flu for a general lack of energy for doing much else. There’s a few sewing projects near completion, and some nice photos and scrapbooking to share sometime – as usual maybe next weekend!

So more postcards. I’ve been trying out Postcards United after seeing a few posts about it, not had any back yet but there should be some due…

The vintage railway poster is going to a new postcard pal in Hong Kong / Meditating Malcolm the cat is off to Germany as my 3rd September postcard diary (note the monkey arm curling round, more on that at the end) / the macaroons are going to Norway to someone who likes food, and I don’t have a lot of food cards that aren’t cake or ice-cream! / my last Derbyshire Life magazine card is off to Macau / the shaped owl card is going to Malaysia to a recipient who likes shaped cards and owls.

And the stamps! because I’ve acquired some nice ones recently.

Recent issue Great Fire of London stamp, monkey animail – his arm curls around the card as he hangs! There’s even a line to show where to fold the stamp! And there’s a koala and a bat and a snake holding a book! And I’m much too excited about these 🙂

And finally the UK’s most boring stamp because I came across a weird request – “I collect Automatenmarken(ATM) – {automatic stamp, variable value stamp, machine vending stamp, postage labels, electronical stamp…” Is this what she meant? Or have a sent someone a boring stamp when they could have had an orangutan?!


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