Themed mailart swaps

There’s been a few themed swaps organised recently, I didn’t sign up to the bird theme but I’ve done botanical and butterflies. It’s fun to find themed items, and I’m getting better at decorating envelopes.


Sent to USA

Envelope decorated with a magazine page and various patterned tapes and a few doodles. Goodies included stickers, postcards, stationery, envelopes and a note card. I seem to have a lot of flowery items in the house!

Received from USA

I’ve got to admit I was disappointed with the envelope. The mailart was meant to be a big part of this swap. I mentioned it in my message to the swapper and she replied that she’s not an artist like some of us swappers, but if she’d just covered the envelope in those glittery leaves it could have looked great… Goodies are tags, stickers, postcards, a handmade feeling bookmark and some mini envelopes – mixed feelings about this one. Some of these swaps I’m actually feeling more happy about the sending!


Sent to New Zealand

I used scrapbook paper to create the butterfly and fitted the address on to a wing, doodled around the edge and coated it in glitter 🙂 Goodies included note cards, postcards, stickers and envelopes.

Received from USA

A fun envelope decorated with a napkin and old stamps, and the contents are bright and fun too – note card, postcard, envelope, washi and tag 🙂

I think I might focus on the couple of month long swaps I’m in during October then see what comes up a bit later on once everything has had time to arrive…


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