Funfetti sprinkle cookies

So tomorrow is someone’s birthday, and in the strangely backwards unwritten rules of the office the birthday person should provide appropriate food. A couple of jobs back I worked somewhere with a cake club and there was a rota to make people’s birthday cakes, that was a fun system… But in current much better job (except for the occasional cake shortage) I must provide my own celebratory edibles, and the biscuits in the office vanish so fast at the moment people are refusing to buy more, so I will provide!

I found the Funfetti slice n’ bake cookies recipe a while ago, and it’s great for preparing in advance. Recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction here. It’s possible to make up logs of dough and refrigerate or freeze them until you really fancy biscuits. My dough went a bit too sticky this time so the logs were hard to form and weren’t very round, but once frozen they’re easy to cut into slices and bake up fresh.

There’s a whole cup of sprinkles in these cookies! And I made some very chocolatey biscuits too. And I still have lots in the freezer waiting for my next desperate biscuit craving. Maybe I should take more into work, they’ll get eaten fast enough, but I fancy having some left for later too 🙂


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