Birthday swaps

I find as I get older I don’t get as many birthday presents. There’s usually a few nice little things, it’s just not as big an event now (although I will be 30 next year, I’m already planning to deal with that by leaving the country…).

So this year I did a few swapbot birthday swaps. One swap was based off the other but I forget which way round now…

October birthday swap

This swap was to send one partner 3 gifts.

Sent to USA:

After a careful read of their profile I sent friendship bracelets, an adult colouring book and postcards 🙂

All wrapped up to send!

Received from USA:

I have to admit, my first reactions were ‘that’s not what the swap required’ and ‘what am I going to do with that?’ but it’s actually a beautiful handmade journal. There’s a lot of work been put in to make this an amazing travel book. Weirdly the place names used as decoration are the cities across northern Italy, the route I was daydreaming about travelling recently! (Here) Maybe it’s a sign, I would love to see those places… Or maybe she read my blog?!

 October birthday wishes

This swap was to send a small flat gift to 3 different partners.


Sent to 2 USA swappers:

Note cards and postcards because I really couldn’t figure out what else to send!

Clear stamps and botanical postcard.

The USA swaps still haven’t been rated, so I sent messages asking if the envelopes had arrived. One replied to say they’d rate once they opened it, but I can only hope for the other one… If there’s no ratings by the end of the month I’ll chase them up again.

Sent to Germany:

Stickers and bookmark, I think I might have added a postcard too before I sent it.

The swap specified a wrapped gift, because that’s how birthday presents are done. However this swapper complained she had to open it to accurately rate – I should have let her know the American technique for these situations!


Received from USA:

Yes, that is a cat (party) bus! And a Totoro bookmark. I could display them with my 4 stuffed Totoro’s! Every bookshelf needs a line of Totoro’s 🙂

Received from Canada:

Definitely useful, possibly not the most exciting gift?

Received from Luxemburg:

This gift arrived late, and I was a bit annoyed really because it was technically sent late, but then I liked it too much to be annoyed 🙂 The floral envelope contains what I think are scented draw liners, although I’m not sure about the scent… And the frames are magnetic.

Now it’s all over for another year, I just need to decide where to hide from next year’s birthday!


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