Incoming postcards – time to consult an atlas

I was just think that Postcard United wasn’t much different from Postcrossing except the clunkier website, when a couple of much more unusual cards arrived 🙂 Along with a few from travelling postcard pals and wandering family it’s been a proper global postal experience opening my letter box!

From top left: my Turkish postcard pal was visiting Athens and sent me this card of traditional Greek things; my Dad was in Spain (and wearing shorts while my extremities froze off, not fair!); the beautiful and mysterious looking girl is from a postcard pal in Russia, and I really like it although I have no clues about who or what it’s of; the lovely pink building is the Nassau public library, all the way from the Bahamas – first ever card from there 🙂

And another first, a postcard and bank note from Guyana celebrating the anniversary of their independence. I’ll admit to checking the map for this one – north eastern South America if your geography is also lacking a little south of the equator 🙂 I’m slowly and accidentally acquiring a foreign note collection, and I’ve checked the exchange rate – $50 is worth £0.20! Presumably it has more value in Guyana? Or possibly not if they’re posting them out to random postcarders… And I’ll take the stamps off the envelope and add them to my coffee table stamp display, it needs a bit of attention after moving house…

Who knows what and where I might receive next!


One thought on “Incoming postcards – time to consult an atlas

  1. I’m a new Postcard Uniter myself, and the country of Guyana was in my first sets of numbers drawn! Their profile had mentioned sending out cards to those who sent cards to them (though that might be a limited offer), so I included my return address. We’ll see whether I receive $50, too! 😉

    Also, I sent 2 cards to Nassau. This is the other thing I learned: it seems there are only two Postcard Uniters in the Bahamas, and they are aunt & niece! So it’s safe to say I’ve had contact with your penpal in Bahamas. It’s a small Postcard United world!


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