October’s month of happy mail

I really enjoy month long swaps, I can look into all of my swap partners interests and find lots of cards and items that I hope they’ll like. I usually select everything at the start of the month and have it ready to go, one of the best parts is matching cards and gifts to someones profile. And it’s a guaranteed series of things arriving in my letter box! The requirements for this swap were to send 7 items over the month, including one letter. It’s all randomly assigned but last month I got really lucky with my partners. I could find lots of things in my stash to send, and received some amazing post that definitely made me happy πŸ™‚

Sent to USA:

I started with a card full of inspiring and fun quotes, with a few flat gifts. I sent 3 postcards over the month – one local view, one fun quote, and one colour changing patterned postcard. I wrote the required letter, sent a small shiny card with a few cheerful words, and finished with an envelope of happy mail – cute and colourful stickers, postcards and envelopes. And my swap partner loved it all!

Received from Switzerland:

I was so lucky to have a really creative swap partner. I received lots of fun and interesting things over the month. It started with a birthday card and some fun little gifts. I then received two envelopes numbered 2 and 3 – it turned out to be a set of 3 cards that make one picture sent from different locations on the same day, that can’t be read until all 3 cards are lined up because the message goes across all of the cards! The first two cards arrived on the Saturday, but I had to wait until Monday to read them πŸ™‚ I’ve displayed the fantasy Eiffel tower on my bedroom wall. I also received a flower skull card for Halloween, a postcard from Tenerife sent while my swap partner was on holiday, and possibly theΒ  best thing ever posted – a personal art gallery! It’s a concertina style ‘building’ full of pictures with tags explaining why she likes that painting or artist. I’ve got lots of new art to discover wandering around my private gallery πŸ™‚ I’ve also received a lot of beautifully decorated envelopes, I’m not sure what to do with them but it seems a shame to just throw them away…

I enjoyed this swap so much I’ve signed up to the December Christmas version too!

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