Too many advent calendars?

Is too many advent calendars possible?! Last year I joined a swap-bot swap for an advent calendar and loved it. I received a huge box of countdown gifts from USA, items still in use include the huge mug currently storing sewing supplies and the toothpaste squeezer – practical gifts mixed in with the craft supplies and sweets. Around October I started to look out for advent swaps but got disappointed, it might seem early but larger swaps that will travel the globe before December starts need time to create and send.

But then I found the European flat items advent calendar!

And the international advent swap!

And the UK stationery advent calendar!

And I suddenly had 3 advent calendars to prepare… By now I have a big stash of stationery, and all kinds of gifts so I didn’t need to buy much to put all the parcels together, although it’s been a while since I posted so much at once!

European Flat advent calendar:

Sent to Finland, Italy and Germany. 4 wrapped items to 3 different partners. There was 2 rounds to total 24 items (but I haven’t got pictures of round 2, I did so much swapping out of gifts as I wrapped I gave up on photos!). There were only a few of us in the swap so I sent both rounds to the same people in the same envelopes. Gifts include stickers,stationery items (postcards,envelopes, writing sets, note cards), scrapbooking sheets, magnets, pencils and a mini colouring book. I mainly wrapped things in a variety of colourful envelopes.

International advent calendar:

This advent calendar was comprised of slightly larger items. 6 gifts to 4 partners, sent to Germany, Chile, USA and Czech Republic. Gifts included: pens, pencils, stickers, colouring books, stamps, mirrors, tea, a notebook, beads, fabric,an envelope template, a coaster… all wrapped up and sent off with a sprinkle of Christmas confetti. I hope I chose things that the recipients will enjoy, some profiles were easier to choose for than others – I like to have lots of information about what they like and only a short list of dislikes 🙂

UK Stationery calendar:

And the 3rd calendar! This was the only one where I sent the whole advent countdown. My swap partner is going to rate it once she’s started opening it…I hope she likes what I sent!


I tried to choose a variety of stationery items and to match some of my swap partners likes – note cards, postcards, letter sets, pens and pencils, stickers, envelopes and envelope templates, washi tape, a pencil case, and for Christmas day a postal themed note book. In the calendar I received last year she added a little note each day which was a lovely extra, so I’ve added a few words or short note to each gift.

I looked up my advent calendar from last year which I wrapped in brown paper and gold and commented it looked a bit dull, so this year I went for…brown and gold! I wanted it to be consistent and brown is the only other envelope colour except for white I can find in larger packs. But I think this years calendar had more and shinier gold, and I found a great post box gift bag to store it all in 🙂

All that glitters is not gold, it might just be nicely wrapped stationery!

Some of my parcels have arrived, and I’ve received a few too, but around half of the calender gifts are still travelling. Only a week and a half to go before I can start opening all the exciting little gifts 🙂


6 thoughts on “Too many advent calendars?

  1. Did you use a site to find people to do this with? It looks so cool! I recognise a few bits from Paperchase and Home Bargains, but where else do you shop. I think we have really similar taste so I’m excited to know more!! 😀

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    • I use swap-bot to find swaps, there’s swaps for just about anything! I have a lot of fun putting together little parcels as well as receiving exciting post 🙂 Like most things it can be a bit hit and miss but there’s a rating system to stop anyone taking advantage of the system. I had a good shop in Home Bargains for the calendars, lots of the stickers and pens are from there. The postcards are nearly all from Paperchase. The washi tapes and Minnie Mouse case came from Pound Land, note cards and note book from Clinton’s, envelope temples were from Tiger, writing paper is mainly from The Works, and some stickers and little gifts were either from my stash of stationery and gifts or from previous swaps that I’m sending on. I have an overflowing box of items I can send now, so not everything I send is recently acquired.

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