Advent calendars update

Almost halfway through advent! Last year I don’t think I ever posted the advent calendar I received – I took the last few gifts home for Christmas meaning to take photos of the whole 24 items later on and it just never happened… As today I have time, motivation and some brain power (a rare combination at the moment!) I’ll do an about halfway update on my 3 advent calendars 🙂

The stationery advent calendar:

Lots of nice goodies here! Stickers, sticky notes, lots of great tapes, pens and a candy cane pencil! I’ve already started using some of the tapes and stickers 🙂 A pegasus is the closest thing I had to a unicorn!

The European flat items calendar:

More lovely tapes, including a Moomin tape, a couple of bookmarks, a little notebook, nautical themed ribbon, candle, note cards, and a fountain pen. I’m finding this one a bit mixed…I love the gold leaf bookmark and the patterned tapes, but the dark tape and the pen appear already used – I think I’d mind it less if it wasn’t so obvious!

The international calendar:

Even more mixed in this one so far, but I have hopes for improvement – I’ve tried to open the more obvious or boring looking ones first 🙂 I understand people don’t want to spend much at all on swaps (or so it feels like) but getting clearly used items or part of a stack of sticky notes etc. does bother me, especially when I’ve thought of these as gifts rather than just a few little bits to throw in an envelope. So, in this selection we have: Tapes (possibly not full rolls? turning them into samples might be better if that’s what you’re sending…), sticky notes, scrapbooking stickers, Halloween stickers (?!), candles, confetti, twine and charms, a decoration, and the big surprise – sparklers! I just checked the Royal Mail ‘do not ever post this’ list and as I thought all fireworks are on there. Maybe the restrictions in the Netherlands are looser? I can actually trace all the weird stuff in this calendar to one swapper…

Also in this calendar, selfie cards. I’d never heard of them before, not being a big selfie taker or social media user, but I believe this is what they’re for:

Slightly dissapointed they’re double sided and not postcards. Maybe I could take them if I ever get invited to a party…

Roll on Christmas! Holiday time to sleep in and hopefully get some energy back 🙂


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