Nearly Christmas advent calendar update

I’ve been busy opening my many Swap-bot advent calendars this month 🙂 It still feels surreal that Christmas is so close, so it’s been a regular surprise that there’s little gifts everyday, which is nice but also serves as a reminder of my terrible memory and inability to adjust to new activities… I took a few quick pictures before heading to my parents place for Christmas. I brought the final few days with me, and now there’s only one day left to open!

UK stationery advent calendar:

Stickers, pencils, sticky notes, a note book and little stamping set. There’s also more stickers and a stripy washi tape which somehow escaped my picture taking. I might take some fun pencils to work 🙂 

European flat items advent calendar:

Stickers, cards, lots of envelopes, a magnet from Prague, gift bag, ribbons and a couple of tags and charms. There’s been a big mix of stuff in this calendar…

International advent calendar:

I’ve been enjoying this calendar. I had one particularly generous partner who sent fabric, socks, a baggage tag, Japanese bowls and a soap and wash puff set 🙂 I’ve also received fun paperclips, tags, a key light and some scrapbooking style stickers.

It’s really nice to have little surprises every day to cheer me up when I’m tired. I suppose a calendar for every month would be a bit too much! It would be fun to keep going to New Year or when the weather improves 🙂


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