The day in pictures – 14th January 2017

I put together a bit of happy mail for a Swap-bot ‘send something to make me smile’ swap. Hopefully an envelope of goodies with a card will do the trick…

The shadow of holly on the bus shelter. Today the sun came out, I went into town, and again failed to buy any new boots.

The start of a new quilt! I’m planning to make the Star Light Star Dark quilt from Quilt Habit for someone’s big birthday. The bottom section will be orange, shading to red then purple.

In order to tidy things up, it is first required that I sort the mess into piles on the floor – Elinor tidying theory then says to leave them there to fall over until I get so fed up of it all I finish the job!

And now on to letter writing!

The last post of 2016

I got home just before New Year to a letter box full of postcards!

The two typography cards on the left, and the Vanity Fair cover card came from a Swap-bot ‘Postcard Roulette’ swap. The first partner was assigned, then all of the addresses were sent out for people to send another card (or more). I did wonder before choosing a second address if more cards would be sent to addresses in unusual countries, or within countries to save on postage, or if there’s much of a pattern… I clearly over thought the whole thing 🙂 I’ve received 2 from USA and 1 from Netherlands.

The da Vinci sketch is from a postcard pal now based in London. The snowy cathedral is from a Russian postcard pal. The scene with the blacksmith is from a Postcrossing meet-up in Kazan, Russia, but sent through Postcard United – I’m clearly not the only one sending through both now! The bottom middle card is my first card from Algeria. My French is s bit rusty but it’s a UNESCO site and something to do with lots of museums and civilisation in the Sahara.

Seasons Greetings is made of animals and comes from Netherlands. The girl with her dog come from a pal in Hong Kong. And Mount Sitabung is in Indonesia (sent with a short stamped message).

The lady in the fancy headdress is a card from Uzbekistan sent by a postcard pal in Russia. And Norma Shearer came to me from Canada, from a Postcrosser who believes in making people happy via postcards 🙂

Also, I’m loving the Alexander Calder stamps!

Now I just need to reply to all the cards and letters that have piled up…

Embroidered garden cushion

While I was recuperating in the summer, I took a few pictures of my Mums garden in the sunshine. There’s some lovely colours and shapes. When I started wondering about Christmas gifts, I thought about another embroidered cushion cover, and then of the garden…

I printed a copy of the best photo and traced off the main features. I then got out all my scraps of fabric and tried to recreate the garden photo using freehand machine embroidery. I think it looks pretty good!

Here’s a bad photo of it on my sofa just before I wrapped it for Christmas. Also featuring a corner of my first quilt which hasn’t made it on to the blog yet 🙂 I didn’t take a back picture but the fabric is pink flowers in pots to match the garden theme.

After holding it upside down and saying how lovely it is, Mum finally realised it wasn’t an abstract design! It’s now on a chair facing the garden, a mirror in fabric 🙂