Lettermo day #8 – today I have post!

After days of an empty letterbox I finally received a small stack of post!

Incoming today (from the left): 

a letter from a penfriend in Slovenia, a letter from a penfriend in the Netherlands, my first received part of the ‘happy mailbox all month’ swap from USA, and a first letter from new penfriend in Pakistan – from Lahore but obviously routed via Islamabad. I’m not sure why that pleases me, maybe it’s just that there’s evidence of the journey…

And fun contents! As well as letters I’ve gained a Parisian fashion card (following a discussion on Jane Austen books), a froggy Valentine (‘wouldn’t FROG-et to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!’), a Slovenian forest fruits tea bag and 2 postcards of Pakistan. I was surprised to get a request to become penfriends, I’m still not sure why me but we’re the same age and both engineers so I’ll see how it goes 🙂

Lots of happy post to cheer me up today!

Outgoing today: a reply to Slovenia. Once I’d started it went more easily than I expected. This challenge is definitely making me sit down and start writing.


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