Problem post

Conspiracy theories and advice welcome! A couple of recently arrived letters have had me a little puzzled, for very different reasons.

The first puzzle is what on earth happened to this letter?!

A rectangular quarter of the envelope has been ripped away, and unfortunately that’s the corner the letter was in! Luckily only my postcode was torn away so it found me easily enough. It arrived in a Royal Mail ‘sorry it’s damaged but we found it like this’ bag so presumably it had a tough journey from the USA. I can half make out the letter but I’ll have to ask for the details to be repeated 🙂

The second puzzle is more of a social dilemma – what do I write letters for and when should I stop?

This letter came from a penfriend in Dominica who I found on the Postcrossing forum. I think this is the 4th letter. The first and second letter were almost identical as she’d clearly forgotten I’d written before. This letter has been redirected from my previous address, and I’ve been moved for 6 months now. (My redirection runs out in the summer and I think anyone who hasn’t written in a year probably never will.) In this envelope is a postcard, a short handwritten note, and a mass produced typed letter with basically the same message apologising for the late reply but that over 200 (?!) letters were a lot to deal with so in future everyone will receive a typed letter or possibly a written postcard. I don’t know if I’m reading it right that everyone will receive the same mass produced letter, and what she’s really interested in is swapping postcards/ magnets/ bookmarks etc. but I’m wondering how much effort I should put in when realistically she can’t have much time for everyone? Or should I keep replying as long as I receive something back? Would she notice if I never replied? I’ve sometimes had fairly numerous pen friends but I’ve made sure it’s no more that I can deal with because any type of friendship takes effort. Even snail mail has social dilemmas but I’ve never been great at figuring out what to do…

In more cheerful news, look at these lovely homemade and decorated envelopes 🙂 All awaiting reply…so that’s tomorrow’s entertainment sorted!


5 thoughts on “Problem post

  1. Oh, my! I have received a piece of mail in a postal apology bag in the past–but it’s been decades! Mishandling by machine?

    As far as the other issue–I don’t know. I guess she just likes to get tons of cards & trinkets from all over the world, but isn’t so good at the personal connection side of things. What you do, I suppose, depends on what you are trying to get out of the experience. Over 200 letters? I’d figure she doesn’t really need me, and I wouldn’t miss getting prefab mass responses.


  2. Poor letter, I wonder what happened to it!
    And wow, 200 letters? She’s clearly not in it for the personal connection which is why I write letters! I like being able to actually get to know someone, have interesting conversations and send something with a personal touch. If it were me, I’d probably stop writing. Maybe send something and give her one more chance but if the response was still a bit impersonal, I’d definitely stop.


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