Newstead Abbey

Childhood home of Lord Byron, burial place of his favourite dog and only childhood friend (poor lonely little Lord Byron) and once the location of wild parties, it’s a beautiful place with lovely gardens. But like so many places I take my family to visit, it is absolutely freezing in the winter!



Today seems like a good day to share my photos from last Saturdays trip to London. My brother lives down there now, and although it’s not a cheap journey it’s only 1.5 hours to get there and it’s slowly occurring to me that it doesn’t have to be a major event to go to the big city.

Yesterdays news was heartbreaking and incomprehensible, like all such events. I can’t stop myself from feeling a little nervous but I refuse to let a few hateful and destructive people stop me from enjoying living and travelling. London is a wonderful city to explore and with my irregular visits there’s still so much I haven’t seen, so I’ll definitely be heading back soon. And out to see the world too, I believe there’s still a lot of good out there.

From the top: view over Greenwich to Canary Wharf, Buckingham Palace from St. James Park, Big Ben viewed from Westminster Pier, the Tower of London, the Shard, and Tower Bridge.

A sunny day out

Today I travelled North and Space_wolf (hello!) travelled South to meet up in York, somewhere in the middle. And a good day out was had by all πŸ™‚ It’s a beautiful city, I always enjoy visiting, and I have so many photos of York Minster by now but here’s a few more!

I have also gained some cake from Betty’s tea room’s, another favourite place πŸ™‚

Month of Letters day #4:
This postcard of York city walls and Minster is headed to a postcard pal in India…

Down in the big city

London is only 1.5 hours from here but it still feels like a big adventure. It’s everyday life for so many people but I’m not used to the crowds and noise and size of the city. There’s so much there that I’ve never seen, and I could have a great shopping trip if I ever go without other plans that keep me busy!

I spent the afternoon of the Friday by myself in the Victoria and Albert museum – there’s some amazing displays of world art and culture, fashion, jewellery, sculpture, antiquities… It’s easy to get drawn in for hours!

From left: V&A Museum entrance hall, Natural History museum, V&A Museum courtyard

Of course it’s getting dark so early now. Unfortunately the full Christmas lights weren’t lit when I was there, but Christmas is definitely approaching. I love visiting Liberty’s – I can’t afford much in there, I now have my diary for next year but I managed to resist the fabric this time πŸ™‚ We also did a lot of wandering around some of the more well known areas. Sometimes I just need to be somewhere different, and London has plenty of distractions!

From top left: Liberty’s, Carnaby Street rebel Christmas lights, Leicester Square Christmas market, Covent Garden market

Just beyond the city…

I don’t have to go far to find fields and rolling countryside. A few weeks ago it only took a few minutes walk from where I met the Meet-up group to have escaped the city and be able to enjoy the rural autumn. I haven’t done much walking close to Derby, and I don’t know the North of the city well, so it was still somewhere new to explore even if it isn’t exactly the Himalayas πŸ™‚ It wasn’t a strenuous or wild walk, just lots of farms and distant views of the city in the sunshine. We also saw a couple of what I think are WWII watch towers – Derby has a long history of engineering so it was probably a likely target… We only got slightly lost once, and like any good walk it ended at a good cafe for lunch and a chance to properly socialise .

In the new year I want to properly start walking again – before Christmas there’s just too much other stuff to do!

Received card – go tell it on the mountain

OK, one of them is just a very big cliff, but my received cards for the last 2 days definitely have a theme!

The cliffs are from my September partner in the Diary Round Robin and are apparently part of the chalk coast on the island of RΓΌgen, Germany. Top right is from Wurzburg, Germany, but the mountains unfortunately aren’t named. And the final card is of the High Tatras in Slovakia, it looks like an amazing hotel in the snowy forest πŸ™‚

None of this is really helping today with the desperate urge to get out/ get away/  give up for a while… I get emotional when I’m tired so I’m off for an early night – maybe I’ll dream of treking somewhere, one day I’d like to be fit enough to properly go hiking…

Evening view


So I’m procrastinating on moving out because it’s stressful, and I do love that distant view and the walk to work – but not so much the wasteland in front of it, or the damp, or the drunk I saw getting arrested at the end of the road earlier this evening…

Too much mess, in my flat and in my brain – this weekends plan is to tidy everything.