My Little Gypset Box

Gypset – An amalgamation of Gypsy and Jetset, a style combining the glamour of world travel and a bohemian free spirit

My little gypset box

Korres Santorini Vine body milk
So Susan Colour Hybrid lip and cheek colour in Marsala
My Little Beauty bronzing powder
My Little Box hairties/ bracelets
Antik batik and My Little Box fabric bag

I know in theory beauty boxes tend to be overpriced for the products and you can end up with some weird stuff, but I love the surprise of it, a little present to myself with nice new things to try out. Confession time: I have a secret love and fairly large collection of fancy expensive toilettries (still saving for the amazing £150 moisturiser I once tried) – drawers full of half finished products, a constant urge to buy more because it seems so lovely…and a monthly box to add to the collection! I’ve been through Glossy Box, Birchbox, and the Amarya Beauty Box, and now I’m trying My Little Box. It’s a step away from the natural products of the Amarya box back towards the more make-up and exclusive brands focus of the earlier boxes I tried, but I think I now have enough organic handcreams to last until at least next year. And my first box arrived today!

I was excited to receive this box, it’s a mix of cosmetics, toilettries and accessories that makes it fun to unwrap, as well as an illustrated quote and a little magazine. There’s several lovely items this month and I’m sure I’ll try out everything – the body milk is going glamping with me this weekend and I’m desperately thinking of what I can store in the pretty bag. As I’m not a huge make-up user it might not be the best option for me long term, but I’ll keep enjoying my monthly surprises until i find an even more exciting box to receive 🙂