Lettermo – day… whatever

I had such good intentions starting out, and then my depression took over a bit and I did very little at all with my time. I’ve written a couple of letters in the last few weeks, and got a swap ready to send out, but realistically if I couldn’t manage one letter a day I’m highly unlikely to now write several a day to catch up. So I’ll just keep drifting along doing my best and writing my replies when the words are willing to flow. That’s the method that’s I’ve used for many years of letter writing so it must work out somehow…
I have had some energy to invest in making letters interesting. The Royal Mail created a downloadable tutorial based on an antique origami love letter, but I don’t have to write about love to send cleverly folded paper post! Unfortunately even using 12″x12″ scrapbooking paper the letter is still smaller than the Royal Mail international postage size so it needs an envelope too – I’d love to try it with enormous paper but that would be a huge letter!

It’s admittedly not the best of folding, large glittery cardboard isn’t the easiest to work with, but it should just squeeze through as a normal sized letter 🙂 Now I just have to sit down and write it…

Origami wallet letter

I can’t be the only person who looks at things and thinks “that would make some great interesting snail mail”, like the instructions for this origami wallet I saw recently whilst scrolling through some blogs.

The original pattern uses A4 paper, I was trying to make the wallet deeper to hold a letter by using scrapbooking paper, but I just made it wider… needs a bit more experimenting! The paper can’t be too stiff or it starts to tear instead fold and tuck under, but patterned scrapbook paper makes a really bright wallet. 

There’s a main pocket to hold notes/letters, and a front cut out that’s perfect for stashing extra little goodies likes stickers, tags and die-cuts. I used a paper clip to stop anything from getting lost in the pocket 🙂

And it all folds up to be tucked in an envelope!

This fun letter is on its way to Canada to a new creative penfriend, but I think I’ll be making a few more!

Embroidered Father’s Day card

As I’m working on a big birthday gift I just didn’t have capacity to make a Father’s Day gift as well, so I decided I should at least make a card. Thinking is going a bit slowly at the moment so it took a while to think of a good theme, but I settled on a bird and baby bird because it’s appropriate and easy 🙂

I found the main bird design doing a quick Google search and liked the heart detail of the wing. The fabric pieces were attached with Bondaweb and stitched using free motion machine embroidery, except for the nest where I used a standard zigzag stitch to imitate twigs and struggled to go around the corners! The eyes are made from seed beads. Then the whole lot was stuck to a blank postcard and and I used a zigzag stitch around the edge. I’m pleased with how it turned out for a quick project and I’m sure Daddy bird will appreciate a card from baby bird 😛

Baby bunting



A penfriend had a baby recently, and I wanted to make something to send. As soon as she said the nursery theme was coral, mint and vintage I thought of the Moda Lullaby fabric collection – the right colours and designed to be soft and cute! (It’s not as orange as it looks in some of the photos). I wanted to make something small because I had to post it, and as the name was already decided bunting seemed like a pretty but not too complicated make.


The bunting was made from part of a layer cake of fabric and a basic triangle template. The flowers and letters were attached with Bondaweb and outlined using free motion machine embroidery. The lace, beads, buttons and tops of the flags were hand sewn. I found the hardest stage to be finishing the tops of the flags neatly, there’s a few not so neat corners hidden under the buttons that join the bunting together!

I sent it registered post because I’d hate for it to get lost somewhere. I hope she likes it – it might be a while before I hear back, apparently babies need a lot of attention 🙂

Homemade envelopes from maps

I was digging out a local leaflet to include in letter when I found a few older map leaflets, and I’d also gained a few other map leaflets recently that I didn’t know what to do with either, tuen one morning I was inspired to make a few envelopes! I’ve got a couple of nice wooden envelope templates that make it easy.

The larger envelopes are made of maps of Derby, Shrewsbury, and the Science Museum in London, as well as the cover of an outdoor clothing catalogue. The smaller pocket envelopes are made from maps of the London underground, and Newstead Abbey gardens.

The Science Museum map is already on the way to a penfriend in the Netherlands who likes museums, and I’m planning to use the smaller envelopes to hold a few stickers or little flat gifts. It’s a really easy way to personalise a letter 🙂

Decorated dining chair

Most of my dining chairs are at least second hand basic folding Ikea chairs, but when I moved I bought a single decent chair with the intention of eventually having a fun and mismatched set of seating. I also intended to decorate the chair and brighten up the plain wood, and on the last bank holiday I started the transformation. It’s taken until now to get it finished and varnished but it’s definitely more fun now!

The boring ‘before’ chair


And the final result!

The colours were chosen to match the pink and red in a nice decoupage paper I had, and the colours and styling were designed to go with the dining table I painted a while ago, with metallic cross bars and colour on the bottom of the legs. The colours are called ‘coral crush’ and ‘summer pudding’ (which was more crimson than expected) – paint colours have such wonderful names! There’s also a coat of varnish to protect the paper and colours.

I just walked back into my kitchen and saw the chair sitting in the sunlight and thought ‘oooh look at that!’ so I think the effort was worth it! Next on the decorating list: the wooden stand my printer sits on – I already have the paint and paper ready and waiting 🙂

Easy pillowcase swap

I recently took part in my first proper sewing swap on Swap-bot! The swap was for an pillowcase using a simple tube method with 3 fabrics. The instructions in the swap directed us to this video, but I think there’s plenty of similar instructions out there.

Sent to USA:

My swap partner likes pink and red, so a raid of the fabric stalls in the market produced a couple of nicely contrasting patterns with similar colours. I used a wide woven ribbon for the small strip of fabric because it coordinated better than anything else I had. I also added some text detail with freehand machine embroidery. And French seams too! I was really pleased with how it looks.

I was a bit uncertain about the size of the pillowcase, it seemed really wide for my pillows, but my swap partner was really happy with it 🙂 and the pillowcase I received is a similar width so it must be the design. Are American pillows wider than UK pillows?!
Received from USA:

I was a bit uncertain about what I might receive but look at this! A perfectly coordinated beautiful floral fabric pillowcase. It’s really well made with French seams and sharp corners. The sender told me she made lots of these as Christmas gifts, so maybe practice makes perfect 🙂

I’m looking forward to finding my next sewing swap now!

The day in pictures – 14th January 2017

I put together a bit of happy mail for a Swap-bot ‘send something to make me smile’ swap. Hopefully an envelope of goodies with a card will do the trick…

The shadow of holly on the bus shelter. Today the sun came out, I went into town, and again failed to buy any new boots.

The start of a new quilt! I’m planning to make the Star Light Star Dark quilt from Quilt Habit for someone’s big birthday. The bottom section will be orange, shading to red then purple.

In order to tidy things up, it is first required that I sort the mess into piles on the floor – Elinor tidying theory then says to leave them there to fall over until I get so fed up of it all I finish the job!

And now on to letter writing!

Embroidered garden cushion

While I was recuperating in the summer, I took a few pictures of my Mums garden in the sunshine. There’s some lovely colours and shapes. When I started wondering about Christmas gifts, I thought about another embroidered cushion cover, and then of the garden…

I printed a copy of the best photo and traced off the main features. I then got out all my scraps of fabric and tried to recreate the garden photo using freehand machine embroidery. I think it looks pretty good!

Here’s a bad photo of it on my sofa just before I wrapped it for Christmas. Also featuring a corner of my first quilt which hasn’t made it on to the blog yet 🙂 I didn’t take a back picture but the fabric is pink flowers in pots to match the garden theme.

After holding it upside down and saying how lovely it is, Mum finally realised it wasn’t an abstract design! It’s now on a chair facing the garden, a mirror in fabric 🙂

Quilted Christmas Stocking

I like to make things for my parents, I think they enjoy being able to say that I made whatever it is. Or I hope that’s the case and they’re not just being nice!

I find making for men harder, they don’t seem to need pouches or bags, although I’ll admit there’s only so many small sewn storage solutions that anyone really needs… So this year I made my Dad a stocking – and then got carried away putting little things in it but that’s a separate problem!

I did a quick search and found an idea for a stocking with a quilted star here. I just took the idea from the pictures. I learnt how to make stars whilst working on my quilt, and they’re a quick pattern to add festive detail. I made my stocking 15m/ 8″ across the top then drew a stocking shape to add to the star block on each side. 

I used 3 festive fat quarters – a red and a white snowflake pattern and a red Christmas text pattern.

I have nowhere good to hang a stocking so here it is on a door handle 🙂

I used the great selvage to make the hanging loop. There’s often wonderful little details next to the manufacturer and fabric details.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out. Now there’s only one day left before I hand it over!