Outgoing postcards

It’s been a while since I’ve sent many postcards… I had a real block on letter writing recently, I’ve got a stack of replies to write and I just can’t get the words down. But here’s a few postcards that will go out tomorrow. I decided if I want to come home to nice post I’ll have to send more!

The cards on the left are off to China via Postcard United – to someone who likes flags, and someone who likes local views. That’s a card from my hometown of Shrewsbury πŸ™‚

The cards on the right are going out to Russia via Postcrossing. The Jane Austen quote is to someone who likes anything which always makes a hard choice of what to send. The Postcrosser who likes yoga was easier to pick a card for!

The card on the left I’m sending to my Dad, my big nut brown hare (for anyone who knows ‘Guess how much i love you’ 😊).

The ‘once upon a time’ card is for a swap-bot swap for the first and last lines of a current book. I’m currently re-reading one of my favourite books – ‘Saving CeeCee Honeycutt’ by Beth Hoffman. It’s a story about a young girl who loses her mother and goes to live with an Aunt in Georgia where she rediscovers how to be happy.

And the carved stones are off to a postcard pal in Taiwan πŸ‘‹πŸ˜€

I actually got the addresses at least a week ago so I’m still struggling with getting post ready to send, but it feels good to be sending them out to start their journeys.

Lettermo/InCoWriMo days 1 & 2

I started off easy with a couple of postcards I owed people. The inspirational text card on the left is off to a postcard pal currently living in London, and the heather clad hills on the right is a Postcrossing card that’s off to Finland.

And now it’s the weekend so I might get some letters written…

Weekend round-up

Yesterday was my 2 year blogiversary, so here’s a round-up of my weekend. It’s been a quiet and lazy couple of days, I’ve done very little of what I’d planned… but I managed to do a bit of all of the random things I usually dump on my blog for want of a better recording system so it seems like a good enough celebration πŸ™‚

Blog content type 1: random photos of random nice places, such as this view across Derbyshire viewed through the bus window on my way home from Nottingham.

And yesterday’s dramatic sunset.

Blog content type 2: post! I was in a postcard sending mood yesterday, so I replied to a postcard pal in USA, and sent postcards through Postcrossing and Postcard United to Russia, Sweden, and Japan. I’m missing receiving lots of cards at the moment, but I’m frustratingly at more received than sent on both sites, don’t like it when that happens. The bottom right card is an image of a fruit fly nervous system, they wanted to receive weird cards!

Blog content type 3: sewing, quilting, generally making stuff. And also Swap-bot swaps πŸ™‚ I’ve now made the quilt block to match the one I sent out as a swap, with a minor change because some of my central strips weren’t long enough…

And tomorrow is the start of a new week, let’s see what happens next…

Lettermo day #13, and Postcrossing at its most boring

Is it really only Monday? I could really do with some more days off…

Outgoing today:

2 cards in the Swap-bot ‘postcard roulette’ – one assigned partner and one selected by the sender from a list of participants. The flowers are to my assigned swap partner in Canada, and Tower Bridge is headed to Germany to my randomly chosen second partner. I wonder how many cards I’ll receive this time…

Incoming today: the most boring Postcrossing card ever. I’m so uninspired I haven’t even registered it yet. Blank white envelope, printed on postage, ID on the envelope and a completely blank black and white local view postcard inside. No message, no information, not even a real stamp to admire…what’s the point?! Add to that I’m now 3 postcards up on Postcrossing so I haven’t even earned this disappointment yet. I need nice things to get me through this week!

The last post of 2016

I got home just before New Year to a letter box full of postcards!

The two typography cards on the left, and the Vanity Fair cover card came from a Swap-bot ‘Postcard Roulette’ swap. The first partner was assigned, then all of the addresses were sent out for people to send another card (or more). I did wonder before choosing a second address if more cards would be sent to addresses in unusual countries, or within countries to save on postage, or if there’s much of a pattern… I clearly over thought the whole thing πŸ™‚ I’ve received 2 from USA and 1 from Netherlands.

The da Vinci sketch is from a postcard pal now based in London. The snowy cathedral is from a Russian postcard pal. The scene with the blacksmith is from a Postcrossing meet-up in Kazan, Russia, but sent through Postcard United – I’m clearly not the only one sending through both now! The bottom middle card is my first card from Algeria. My French is s bit rusty but it’s a UNESCO site and something to do with lots of museums and civilisation in the Sahara.

Seasons Greetings is made of animals and comes from Netherlands. The girl with her dog come from a pal in Hong Kong. And Mount Sitabung is in Indonesia (sent with a short stamped message).

The lady in the fancy headdress is a card from Uzbekistan sent by a postcard pal in Russia. And Norma Shearer came to me from Canada, from a Postcrosser who believes in making people happy via postcards πŸ™‚

Also, I’m loving the Alexander Calder stamps!

Now I just need to reply to all the cards and letters that have piled up…

Received card – go tell it on the mountain

OK, one of them is just a very big cliff, but my received cards for the last 2 days definitely have a theme!

The cliffs are from my September partner in the Diary Round Robin and are apparently part of the chalk coast on the island of RΓΌgen, Germany. Top right is from Wurzburg, Germany, but the mountains unfortunately aren’t named. And the final card is of the High Tatras in Slovakia, it looks like an amazing hotel in the snowy forest πŸ™‚

None of this is really helping today with the desperate urge to get out/ get away/  give up for a while… I get emotional when I’m tired so I’m off for an early night – maybe I’ll dream of treking somewhere, one day I’d like to be fit enough to properly go hiking…

The reactivation collection

I’ve had my Postcrossing account on inactive since mid-May, with holidays, medical procedures and a house move it’s been best to keep the cards owing. I maxed out my account a couple of times and ended up with I think twenty five ish cards owing…so here’s the 22 I’ve received in the last couple of weeks πŸ™‚
For ease of viewing I have created subsets in my collection:

The German collection

The largest country subset of my recently received cards, they’ve varied in travel time from a few days to several weeks – one after 2 weeks travel just said greetings from Germany so it feels like there was little effort involved, but others have lovely long messages that show they really read my profile. It’s great to have that connection πŸ™‚ The sender of the beautiful ocean scene just celebrated his first Postcrossing birthday, and the sender of the yellow quote card shares my birthday! I like the quote cards too, it’s like an extra message in the design πŸ™‚

The European collection

A varied set from elsewhere in Europe. From top left and going across in rows: 2 cards from Finland, Paris from Czech Republic and Latvia, a lovely sunset over the Black Sea from Bulgaria, France (with cute donkey), Portugal with poetic quote, a great folded card from the Netherlands, a beautiful view from Lithuania, and Czech Republic chocolate πŸ™‚

The rest of the world collection

Even more cards! From top left: Jebbett Farm in New York State USA owned by the neighbours of the sender, a weird but cute bear creature from Taiwan, a beautiful nebula under a city from Ukraine, angels and a classic but great view of Saint Basil’s cathedral from Russia, Mount Fuji from Japan, and some sort of inflatable soldiers from Taiwan.

The blue bear from Taiwan is an interesting card – the sender wrote that she forgot to send it a year ago then left home for a while. By the time I tried to register the card, the ID had expired. I messaged a Postcrosser who I thought was the sender and unfortunately her reply made very little sense! I don’t think I’d even remember about an unsent card a year later…

Some favourites among the many stamps:

And fascinatingly from Germany, Lithuania and Czech Republic…

Now I need to send some more cards!

Outgoing postcards – maxing out


So I’ve just maxed out my Postcrossing limit πŸ™‚ plus a couple of cards to postcard pals and one in a Postcrossing RR. My reasons are: 1) I’m going for minor surgery tomorrow and writing cards is relaxing, and 2) I’m going to be recovering for several weeks and may as well have cards travelling during that time.

My account has been on inactive for a few months now so I’m looking forward to a stack of postcards one I move house in August πŸ™‚ (is it an wonder I’m stressed?!).

These cards are mainly off to Russia, with a couple to USA, and single cards to Turkey, Sweden, Belarus and Germany.

From top left the cards are: Haddon Hall, Derbyshire/ a Japanese Buddha statue/ an aerial view of the Guggenheim in Bilbao/ a painting of ‘Night with a trail of stars’ from the Birmingham art gallery/ ‘deerie me’ (the only card requested in an envelope)/ artistic park view/ flowers from Ikea/ historic Derbyshire/ a birthday postcard/ ‘C’ (for Caroline)/ VW campervans/ Monday Dale/ vintage car photo/ and a postcard I got free with Derbyshire Life magazine of a pretty village (I only bought the magazine for the postcards!)

Today’s beautiful postcards

Or, postcards that make me really want to travel somewhere lovely and take amazing pictures.

I haven’t had much post for a few weeks, but today as well as a letter I had 3 beautiful postcards πŸ™‚


A great aerial view of Trinity-St Sergius monastery from Russia, a beautiful coastal scene from Sweden, and a view of Bursa in Turkey.

They’re all going into the favourite cards box! I actually need a bigger box now…

Outgoing postcards – places to visit

I returned from my travels to a backlog of post, but even though I still have a stack of letters to write I’ve at least caught up on my postcards!


These vintage railway posters are off to postcard pals in USA, Russia and Taiwan. Hopefully my assorted postcard pals will like the artwork or the vintage theme. I think they’re great, I really like old railway posters πŸ™‚ Can you tell a bought a whole book of these?!


The map of Nottinghamshire is off to USA to a postcard pal who loves Robin Hood! As a break from photos of the statue I thought I’d send a map of his legendary home πŸ™‚

The interior of Derby cathedral is going to another postcard pal in Russia. I think I sent her a church exterior last time, I hope she’ll enjoy an interior too.

The Buxton card is also to Russia but to a Postcrossing address. There were no preferences listed so I chose a local card.

And the Alice in Wonderland illustration is a card from the V&A that’s another Postcrossing draw to Russia. This Postcrosser likes books and children’s illustrations so I’m hoping this card will be a success.

Tomorrow I need to start letter writing…