Wollaton Hall by night


Last night I went to see Wayne Manor Wollaton Hall by night. There was a special Christmas event to see the hall by lantern light. There weren’t as many lanterns as I expected (although there’s probably not much they could do with the Natural History galleries), but I saw a few rooms I hadn’t been to before all decorated for Christmas. And just seeing the hall lit up was worth an evening out, it’s a beautiful place.

We also saw a few deer lurking in the darkness, probably wondering what was going on!

Outgoing cards – history and art


I was down to 3 cards travelling and nothing received for a little while so here’s what will head off around the world tomorrow! I should catch up on my letter writing, but fighting off all the winter bugs at work means I’m lacking the concentration to write more than a card…

The collection of pink things is off to USA to a Postcrosser who likes art and bright things.

Queen Victoria is headed to Belarus, fits into royal family and national costume I think! It’s also got me thinking about the history the Victorian house I live in might have seen…nothing quite as grand as a royal visit 🙂

Wollaton Hall is going to Czech Republic to a new Postcrosser who likes architecture and local places. It’s a great picture of a lovely place.

And finally Derbyshire heritage is heading to Germany to someone who likes local views and multi-views.

I hope everyone will enjoy receiving them 🙂