The reactivation collection

I’ve had my Postcrossing account on inactive since mid-May, with holidays, medical procedures and a house move it’s been best to keep the cards owing. I maxed out my account a couple of times and ended up with I think twenty five ish cards owing…so here’s the 22 I’ve received in the last couple of weeks 🙂
For ease of viewing I have created subsets in my collection:

The German collection

The largest country subset of my recently received cards, they’ve varied in travel time from a few days to several weeks – one after 2 weeks travel just said greetings from Germany so it feels like there was little effort involved, but others have lovely long messages that show they really read my profile. It’s great to have that connection 🙂 The sender of the beautiful ocean scene just celebrated his first Postcrossing birthday, and the sender of the yellow quote card shares my birthday! I like the quote cards too, it’s like an extra message in the design 🙂

The European collection

A varied set from elsewhere in Europe. From top left and going across in rows: 2 cards from Finland, Paris from Czech Republic and Latvia, a lovely sunset over the Black Sea from Bulgaria, France (with cute donkey), Portugal with poetic quote, a great folded card from the Netherlands, a beautiful view from Lithuania, and Czech Republic chocolate 🙂

The rest of the world collection

Even more cards! From top left: Jebbett Farm in New York State USA owned by the neighbours of the sender, a weird but cute bear creature from Taiwan, a beautiful nebula under a city from Ukraine, angels and a classic but great view of Saint Basil’s cathedral from Russia, Mount Fuji from Japan, and some sort of inflatable soldiers from Taiwan.

The blue bear from Taiwan is an interesting card – the sender wrote that she forgot to send it a year ago then left home for a while. By the time I tried to register the card, the ID had expired. I messaged a Postcrosser who I thought was the sender and unfortunately her reply made very little sense! I don’t think I’d even remember about an unsent card a year later…

Some favourites among the many stamps:

And fascinatingly from Germany, Lithuania and Czech Republic…

Now I need to send some more cards!

Thoughts and plans

I have come to the realisation that my life is fairly boring and very ordinary. Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing – I now have a nice apartment, a well paying office job, some good friends and I’m working on the social life, and I few hobbies I enjoy. But I also have a desperate urge to travel and get out there.

I’ve possibly been reading too many travel blogs but the vague idea to book cheap flights to Bergamo is now a sketched out and budgeted 5 city trip across northern Italy. Not that I really have the time or money, or it’s something I’ve ever considered before. I have a list of big trips (Iceland, southern Germany/Switzerland by train, the Norwegian coast by ferry, back to Japan…) that are expensive enough without going all out on a passing urge for a city break. I think my main problem this week is that after nearly 4 weeks medical leave I’m tired and not used to working. I also have no plans for the entire rest of this year beyond 2 trips to the theatre, which is slightly depressing and leaves a big void for the imagination to fill – and I have a good imagination!

I’m sure plenty of little things will happen to fill the gap, but I won’t stop dreaming yet 🙂

Anyway, here’s the plan (squashed up against my work notes) that probably won’t happen:

Little surprises

This swap was the Europe only ‘5 little surprises’ swap. It’s a fun swap with freedom to send a range of items.

Sent to Lithuania:

Postcards, writing sets, a Skegness magnet, ribbon and a mini paper bunting set 🙂

The idea was that the swap could be like little gifts, and the recipient also liked butterflies so…wrapped and ready to post!

Received from Norway:

Bird postcards, lovely notecards, washi tape samples, small fabric decorations and a cute magnet. The paper items arrived wrapped in ribbon too, it’s a great way to make the whole package more exciting 🙂

Now I’m back to (just about) normal and back home, it’s time to find some more swaps…

Swap-bot – send cats, receive Totoro!

This swap was ‘pick 3’ – select 3 items to send from a list of options. I added a few extra little papers because I still worry my packages aren’t impressive enough…

Sent to USA:

Animal themed small note papers, postcards, stickers, and handmade envelopes in a doodled envelope.

Received from Canada:

Ribbon and rickrack, Totoro postcards and an architectural notecard in a beautiful painted, stamped and decorated handmade envelope. Not sure if I’ll be creating anything pick soon, but I love the postcards!

Guess who just moved house!!!

I now have a new flat full of boxes, but the furniture is re-assembled and I can see it’s going to be great 🙂 

Top rental tip: when you see mold, move out before things go green and smelly. Think I just managed to avoid major problems… The new place is 10 years old and 2 floors up, if it’s a 3rd damp place then I’ll know it’s following me!

I can’t wait to make it home 🙂