Postcrossing outgoing (w/c 20th April)

I’m not receiving much at the moment, my Postcrossing account is on ‘inactive’ due to an impending house move (and I now actually have somewhere to move to! I’m really excited to get my own place) But I’m still sending, because that’s half the fun 🙂

First, a card to a Russian postcard pal. It’s an Ikea card and I like the design, so I hope she does too.RPP

This card went to USA for a swap. I’m running out of London postcards! I’ll have to buy loads next time I visit 🙂

USSThese cards are going as official postcards, 3 to Russia and 1 to Germany. I’m hoping to send a few when I’m on holiday. I’ve drawn another couple of address who I hope will appreciate a French card instead.

DSC08205From top left: The Peak District; Attenborough Nature Reserve; Tower Bridge, London; painted flowers

And the stamps that send them travelling…


Stokesay Castle scrapbook page

I’m slowly catching up on my scrapbooking… The main kit used in this layout is called ‘Montage’.

I went on a family day out to Stokesay Castle on Mother’s day, it was freezing but beautiful. Stokesay Castle is a late 13th century fortified manor house near Ludlow in Shropshire, consisting of a wonderful Tudor gatehouse and a mainly stone built hall and tower. I’ve been there before but I enjoyed exploring again and learning more about the castle’s history, it’s had several narrow escapes from destruction, and being on the border was under constant threat of attack by the Welsh!

I need to get better at taking pictures of people, I feel awkward asking and then wish I had more photos…

Last day at work!


I can’t believe it’s my last working day in my current job, it doesn’t feel real! I’m really excited about moving on, even though I know it’s going to be hard work and a lot to learn. And I can’t wait to get away from the night shifts 🙂 Now I just need to remember to take all of my kit back…

Postcards from Paris

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Today I received 2 amazing cards from Nathalie in Paris. They looked amazing in her album and in reality they’re just as stunning! It really makes me want to travel and see all the wonderful places out there, although I never take photos that good… But I have got a trip coming up in 2 weeks, hopefully I’ll acquire and send lots of French postcards of my own soon 🙂

DSC08031 1

High Peak Trail

7 miles/ 11 km White Peak District

Today I got up and went walking. As you might be able to tell from the photos, the sunshine has been replaced by dark clouds and strong winds. I enjoyed being out and about, but when the wind is strong enough to blow people sideways across the path, perhaps a short, sheltered walk is the best option…

DSC08016 DSC08007

We were mainly walking along the High Peak Trail and the Tuffington Trail, disused railway lines turned into paths – nice and flat for easy walking 🙂 The views weren’t great due to the walls and cuttings of the old railway, but after a few years working in a railway environment I found myself fascinated to spot the old railway infrastructure – mile posts; rusted signals; boundary posts of the old London and North Western Railway; and an old signal box at Hartington, now a small exhibition and ice cream shop. I was very disappointed that we couldn’t pull the signal levers!

DSC08030 DSC08029
DSC08028 DSC08023

Overall, a chance to get out, get walking and explore a new area. It’s a popular cycling route, maybe that could be another adventure…