Just beyond the city…

I don’t have to go far to find fields and rolling countryside. A few weeks ago it only took a few minutes walk from where I met the Meet-up group to have escaped the city and be able to enjoy the rural autumn. I haven’t done much walking close to Derby, and I don’t know the North of the city well, so it was still somewhere new to explore even if it isn’t exactly the Himalayas 🙂 It wasn’t a strenuous or wild walk, just lots of farms and distant views of the city in the sunshine. We also saw a couple of what I think are WWII watch towers – Derby has a long history of engineering so it was probably a likely target… We only got slightly lost once, and like any good walk it ended at a good cafe for lunch and a chance to properly socialise .

In the new year I want to properly start walking again – before Christmas there’s just too much other stuff to do!

Repton walk with Meetup – scrapbooking

I’m really behind on my scrapbooking…I think going back to a computer based job again has led to less screen time at home, but this weekend I’ve been trying to catch up. Doesn’t make for the best layouts but I suppose I can always review them before getting them printed.


Journalling reads:

I went on a 5 mile walk with Meetup around Repton. It’s a very peaceful area with footpaths bordering fields and winding between hedgerows. It was lovely to get out and enjoy the weather and the countryside. And of course there was cake afterwards 🙂

High Peak Trail

7 miles/ 11 km White Peak District

Today I got up and went walking. As you might be able to tell from the photos, the sunshine has been replaced by dark clouds and strong winds. I enjoyed being out and about, but when the wind is strong enough to blow people sideways across the path, perhaps a short, sheltered walk is the best option…

DSC08016 DSC08007

We were mainly walking along the High Peak Trail and the Tuffington Trail, disused railway lines turned into paths – nice and flat for easy walking 🙂 The views weren’t great due to the walls and cuttings of the old railway, but after a few years working in a railway environment I found myself fascinated to spot the old railway infrastructure – mile posts; rusted signals; boundary posts of the old London and North Western Railway; and an old signal box at Hartington, now a small exhibition and ice cream shop. I was very disappointed that we couldn’t pull the signal levers!

DSC08030 DSC08029
DSC08028 DSC08023

Overall, a chance to get out, get walking and explore a new area. It’s a popular cycling route, maybe that could be another adventure…