Lettermo 21st – 23rd

I’ve been writing, I’ve just been bad at updating…

A few days of incoming post:

3 of these are from the Swap-bot ‘happy mail all month’ swap – a colouring card with flower seeds, a selection of stationery items, and a postcard of a wooden bridge apparently common to certain areas of USA. The cat face card also comes from USA as part of the ‘postcard roulette’ swap.


21st – I made this scrapbooked art letter thing I have forgotten the name of a while ago but never figured out who to send it to… the ‘happy mail all month’ swap seemed appropriate 🙂

22nd – a letter to a penfriend in Germany

23rd – I didn’t feel up to letter writing this evening although I have 2 I want to get out over the weekend… today I’m sending a postcard to Italy through Postcard United. She likes UNESCO sites so I’m sending Strutts Mill in Belper.

Lettermo – 3 in 1

Yesterday I had a visitor all day, and tomorrow I’ll be out all evening, so today I’ve written several cards and letters to keep me up to date 🙂


A postcard from the V&A museum off to USA in reply to a Valentine’s postcard, I’ll write properly when I have enough brain power to do it well. A short letter off to Australia to an old penfriend who doesn’t really write anymore but I don’t want to give up on yet. She sent a Christmas card so I’m just saying hello. And a letter to a fairly new penfriend in the Netherlands, with my last Agatha Christie stamp.

(Yesterday’s) incoming:

A beautiful note card and tape samples from my ‘happy mail all month’ partner.

A great selection of goodies from the Swap-bot stationery supplies swap. Postcards, note cards, writing sets, envelopes, and some labels and stickers. I was very happy to receive this one 🙂

Challenging myself to send something every day is definitely keeping me on track this month…

Lettermo #16 & #17

I’m not sure what happened to yesterday…the days have all blurred into one! So here’s 2 days together. I’m glad it’s the weekend…

Received cards:

A fun illustrated card of the clock tower in Izmir, Turkey from postcard pal. And a possibly Valentines-ish type of postcard from a postcard pal in Russia, who I just replied to so I might wait before sending another card!

Sent cards:

The smile card is the next installment of my happy mail all month swap off to the USA. And the view of Chatsworth is a reply to Turkey 🙂

Also today, there was a lovely sunset. I can see the days getting longer now.

Lettermo – halfway and a bit

Today is also yesterday’s update because that never happened…so received yesterday:

A beautiful moonlit mountain view from Russia, and a Valentine’s postcard perfectly timed to arrive on Valentine’s Day! Reading beyond the fun illustration the butchered hearts idea is actually a bit creepy…

Sent yesterday:

A view of Winnats Pass (Peak District) at sunrise, to Russia in reply. Last time I was here there was a snow storm and we all slipped our way to the bottom of the pass in a desperate attempt to escape the hills…I’d like to go back in better weather sometime!

Received today:

It’s a view of the Virgin of Vallivana, a Postcard United card from Italy. I’m several cards in the positive on both postcard sending sites currently…when does the system figure out if I’m not keeping up?! Intriguingly, it appears to have a 1980 Vatican post stamp but the sender lives in northern Italy and there’s no postmark, so I’m not sure if this card went through the Vatican or not… I think the card might be fairly old too. It did take 54 days to reach me, maybe it is from the past!

Sent today:

A letter to a penfriend in Australia, I’m slowly working down the stack of overdue replies…

And the stamps from the last couple of days:

Lettermo day #13, and Postcrossing at its most boring

Is it really only Monday? I could really do with some more days off…

Outgoing today:

2 cards in the Swap-bot ‘postcard roulette’ – one assigned partner and one selected by the sender from a list of participants. The flowers are to my assigned swap partner in Canada, and Tower Bridge is headed to Germany to my randomly chosen second partner. I wonder how many cards I’ll receive this time…

Incoming today: the most boring Postcrossing card ever. I’m so uninspired I haven’t even registered it yet. Blank white envelope, printed on postage, ID on the envelope and a completely blank black and white local view postcard inside. No message, no information, not even a real stamp to admire…what’s the point?! Add to that I’m now 3 postcards up on Postcrossing so I haven’t even earned this disappointment yet. I need nice things to get me through this week!

Month of letters day #10

It’s Friday! Woohoo! Today’s outgoing happy mail was mainly pre-prepared as I’m off to a meet-up soon…

It’s part 3 of my month of happy mail Swap-bot swap, a collection of stationery and stickers I hope will appeal to my partner 🙂

Incoming today were letters from Germany and Australia, I’ll have to get writing over the weekend!

Month of letters day #9

Is it only the 9th February?! It’s feeling like a hard month…

Outgoing today:

It’s a ‘figure of a hand showing cabbalistic signs and sigils ca. 1775 from a manuscript of demonology’ that I got from a London museum, off to a postcard pal in USA who I believe has an interest in the spiritual and historic.

Incoming today:

These are Swap-bot travelling postcards! Purely by chance travelling within the UK for this round. I’ll add my name and hang on to them until next month 🙂

Lettermo day #8 – today I have post!

After days of an empty letterbox I finally received a small stack of post!

Incoming today (from the left): 

a letter from a penfriend in Slovenia, a letter from a penfriend in the Netherlands, my first received part of the ‘happy mailbox all month’ swap from USA, and a first letter from new penfriend in Pakistan – from Lahore but obviously routed via Islamabad. I’m not sure why that pleases me, maybe it’s just that there’s evidence of the journey…

And fun contents! As well as letters I’ve gained a Parisian fashion card (following a discussion on Jane Austen books), a froggy Valentine (‘wouldn’t FROG-et to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!’), a Slovenian forest fruits tea bag and 2 postcards of Pakistan. I was surprised to get a request to become penfriends, I’m still not sure why me but we’re the same age and both engineers so I’ll see how it goes 🙂

Lots of happy post to cheer me up today!

Outgoing today: a reply to Slovenia. Once I’d started it went more easily than I expected. This challenge is definitely making me sit down and start writing.

Lettermo day #7

It’s only Tuesday and this week already feels like hard work…so I’m just writing postcards until I have a bit more energy. I got this card of Ironbridge when I was home over Christmas. It’s not that far but I don’t think I’ve been since I was at school! It’s heading to a postcard pal who is now in London, I’ve got a note that she likes UNESCO sites so hopefully she’ll like this one 🙂